Saturday, September 19, 2009

What we've been doing...

This past week, we've had absolutely perfect weather.

It's been sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and the temperatures have been mild.

Perfect Ohio weather.

While we've kept plenty busy with all of the normal stuff that goes on around here (homework, taking care of the chickens, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.), we've also been trying to have a little bit of fun as well as get some work done!

The other night, Barry and Luke got their bows out and decided to have a little target practice to get ready for the quickly upcoming hunting season. It wasn't long before Kendall and Noah had run into the house to get their bows that Grandpa Tom had brought them for Christmas. It looks like my kids may be into archery. They both caught on somewhat quickly and listened well to the instruction handed to them by their daddy and uncle. Grandpa Tom would have been proud! We'll continue to work on it...Also on the agenda has been cutting, splitting, and stacking wood. This will be the first year we've had a wood burning stove, and we are SUPER excited. But, of course, that means we have to be ready...and that means work. So Luke and Barry headed out last weekend to cut up some fallen trees our friend Paul had in his woods. They brought the wood home and then this weekend, Barry rented a log splitter and they split and stacked it all. It was a LOT of wood, peeps. It was so good to see my kids grab some gloves and start helping...and having a blast doing it! But it's done now, and that's a good thing. I'm going to be so toasty and warm this winter...
Pile #1
Pile #2
Pile #3Also, we joined the gym this week...Lord have mercy!! Barry got a very good deal at Urban Active that involved Luke being able to be on our membership, as well as including childcare. This is a VERY good thing. It's time to get that core tightened back up! So this week, Luke and I will be going in for our consultation with a personal know, so they can give me the number I'm just dying to see... the body fat percentage. UGH. I am excited however, for the Zumba classes and the yoga classes, and the spinning classes...and I LOVE the cardio room. It's dark and has a movie screen in the front where they play all kinds of good movies while you get your cardio in. When I was there the other day, they were playing a Matthew McConnaughey movie. Mmmmmm...yeah, that would keep me on the elliptical for a good 90 minutes! LOL!

That's about it for now, folks. Of course, I've got more...but it will have to wait until tomorrow...I'm pooped!


terri said...

Holy Cow! That is a LOT of wood! The woodburning stove is really going to save on your energy bills though.

Enjoy the gym! I'm so glad I just joined one too. I'll be able to stay active during the long, dark, snowy days of winter!

Kate said...

Woo hoo for the gym! You are going to LOVE Zumba - it is SO much fun! The "finding out the #s" is never fun, but I'm sure it's better than you think it's going to be. Working out is soooo good for the mind and body - always a great investment in my book.

That wood burning stove is going to be soooo cozy - enjoy!

I swear Kendall grows another 6 inches everytime you post a new picture of her! lol

Have a great week!

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