Friday, September 18, 2009

Photo Shoot #3

Are you tired of my vacation pictures yet?

I'm not. I'd love to go back and have another vacation week! The thing is, I started I have to finish it. Can't leave anyone out, you know! So let's continue on with the Family Photo Shoots, shall we? I'm almost done, I promise.

This particular one focuses on Bob, Lisa, Anna & Kayla. I have a million pictures of them, because they were pretty easy to photograph. Just wait until you see some of the pics of Anna and her friend Maria! (Now, that is going to have to be a post all it's own, because those girls were having too much fun!)

The family picture...everybody has to have one!
Lisa and the girls...
Bob and his girls...I think this one will end up on his desk.
Sisterly love...
But I like this one best...
My, oh my...I can't tell you how much fun I was having! And the best part is that I think everyone was really happy with their pictures! I guess we'll see when the Christmas cards come out, eh?? :) Don't forget to vote for your faves!!

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terri said...

Choose a favorite? How can you ask me to choose a favorite? Seriously, these are all so great... there's no way I could narrow it down to a "best" one.

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