Monday, October 26, 2009

Prepping for Halloween

We've been trying to get our Halloween/Fall decorations going around here, and I think we've finally got a start! The kids have been itching to decorate their pumpkins since we picked up these little "Mr Potato Head"-type pieces to use on te pumpkins this year. Jack-o-lanterns are always a bit lost on us out here, because no one sees them but us! We're too far back from the road. So we thought our pumpkins would last a little longer this way. I also ordered these cute mums in jack-o-lantern pots called "Mumkins" from Kendall's school...they are so cute!

Here are Noah's creations, with a big old yellow mumkin and our wooden witch behind him...
And here is one of Kendall's...isn't she goofy?
And just for shits and giggles, here's what the front of our house looks like right about now. I gave up on the hanging mums this year. We just get too much wind. They get totally dried out and lopsided and just plain UGLY.
Now, on to the decorations INSIDE the house. We'd better get moving before we miss it! LOL!


MommyK said...

Your house looks GREAT for fall! Thanks for sharing.

Claire said...

The front of your home just says, "Welcome!" - makes me want to leave the beach and come ovah for a cup of coffee/tea!

California Girl said...

Your house looks fantastic! I hope you guys had a ton of fun on Halloween.

I had to go private on my blog and will eventually be taking it off completely. I will still be reading your blog and will still be commenting. Be well my friend.

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