Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Trip to the Apple Farm

Fall is here!!! WAHOOO!!!! The mums, the pumpkins, the leaves turning color, the apples, the chill in the air...it is by far my favorite time of year!

If you follow Party in the Pantry, you know that Sheri and I are part of a group of ladies that get together once a month to taste various foods. We've done chocolate ice creams, nut butters, breads, cheeses, wines, tomatoes, etc...and this month we tasted apples. LOTS of different apples...12 varieties, in fact. This month's apple tasting was held at my house, so Sheri and I took a field trip (with my kiddos) to an apple farm for a bit of research and to pick up some apples. We were hoping to get some great pictures and have some fun picking apples, but it wasn't meant to be. The weather turned just yucky enough to be annoying...a constant drizzle and a little chill in the air. But still we persevered in search of some yummy apples! There were so many to choose from! Even though they had a basket of free "kid-sized" apples sitting out, Noah had already spied the candy. This was a recipe for disaster, as he was a little edgy anyway that day. By the time we left, he was throwing a huge fit in the middle of the barn because he wanted candy and had decided he wasn't leaving without it. After trying to remain calm and explaining to him over and over that we were not getting candy, I ended up having to carry him, screaming, to the car. It was such a lovely moment...wish you all could have been there. LOL!!! Sheri assured me that all of the people were laughing at him and recalling the days that their children used to act that way, but I was still disappointed in his behavior. Of course I was...I'm his mother, right?

Anyway, I digress. Although Noah refused the small "free" apples, Sheri loved them, because she loves all things small...small ketchup bottles, small ice cream tasting spoons, small salt shakers, small cakes, small apples...I often wonder if her husband will be small...hmmmmmm. Just kidding! :)

My favorite apple is and always will be the Honeycrisp...look at it in all it's glory!!! Isn't it beautiful?!?!

And this picture was taken before the famous fit, while the kids were sitting and trying to be good while Sheri and I sampled the various apples and took some pictures for PIP. They really are sweeties...every kid has their moments, don't they?Our day was somewhat productive, but the best part of that trip is yet to come...tune in on Friday to see what perked us up after the "Apple Farm Fit of 2009"!!


terri said...

What kid wouldn't be at least a little disappointed at the sight of all that candy, and being offered fruit instead? LOL. Noah's a normal kid!

Honeycrisp are my favorite too1

Kuckie said...

I suppose I should have clarified a little more about the whole candy scenario. I told them that if they behaved and didn't ask for candy every 3.2 minutes and let Sheri and I get what we came for, we would get a bit of candy. That didn't happen, so they lost the privilege of buying candy. Noah was not amenable to the agreement after that...LOL!!! But yes, Terri, I agree that was normal 4 year old behavior!!!

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