Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Finally! An Update!

Geesh! It sure has been some time since I've posted! Things have been busy around here, as usual, so here are a few updates...

Ohio finally got some snow! Not a whole lot, mind you, but enough to get outside and play in. Kendall and I headed out on Sunday afternoon for some snow angels and a walk around the pond. She really wanted to go sledding, but unfortunately, our property is pretty flat! Then we came in for some hot cocoa. YUM! Actually, I think Kendall is more into the marshmallows than the cocoa...but whatever! Noah didn't get to romp around outside with us, as I don't have any boots for him yet. Guess I'd better get on it! He won't want to stay inside watching for long!

Last Wednesday, we lost a part of our family.
My aunt Missie was killed in a terrible car accident on her way to work.
She was 35 and had 4 small children and a wonderful husband, who will miss her terribly...as will the rest of us.
She was truly one of a kind, and the life of every party. Always laughing, always smiling... always joking about "The Captain"...
And now leaving us all to reflect on our lives and how to make the most of every day we are given...because it can all change in one single moment.
Take the time to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you - today!

Kendall is turning 6 on Sunday. 6!!!! How does a year go by so quickly? We are doing a low-key small party this year, since I didn't have time to plan anything great with Noah being sick most of December. She has invited 5 friends to come to the Clay Cafe to paint pottery on Saturday. Then her cousins are spending the night for some sleepover fun! On Sunday, the whole family is coming for lunch, cake and ice cream. How fun! The kids will be wild, and that's the way we like it!

Have you seen this movie? Sheri has been telling me for a while now that we HAD to see it. Well, it came via Netflix last week and we finally got he chance to watch it. Oh my goodness...the squirrel, Hammy, is so much like Kendall. He talks a mile a minute, has more energy than you can imagine, and has a thought train that most people aren't quick enough to follow...
Check it out! It's hysterical! www.overthehedgemovie.com

I now have my acupuncturist, Brian, working out of my office on Mondays. It is going so well! He has been incredibly busy, and people are so happy with their results. Plus, driving to Dublin beats driving to Delaware any day of the week! He is also working in Minster on Wednesdays at Jeanne Bergman's office.

Spread the word about acupuncture...it's amazing! You can check out his website here.

That's it folks...a little update for January. Look for the birthday party pictures soon!

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