Friday, December 14, 2007

The Dishwasher

Do you ever have one of those days that you just can't bear to do that one daily task...not even one more time???

Today is the day for me. And the source of my stubborn stance is the dishwasher. I came into the kitchen today to a dishwasher full of clean dishes and a counter full of dirty dishes. This is not an abnormal happens nearly every morning. I come into the kitchen in the morning, fix the kids breakfast, and while they are eating I unload the dishwasher and reload it. No big deal, right? Right!

Well, ummm....most days anyway.

Today was a day like any other, but I was feeling particularly put-out this morning for no good reason. Ok, that's not necessarily true. I had a reason. Noah was up and down all night last night and I spent a good part of the night in his bed with him, trying to coax him back to sleep. Yeah, he was actually requesting a Nutri-Grain bar at 4:30 this morning. What's up with THAT??? Anyway...I was tired and a bit surly this morning, and seeing that dishwasher and counter full of dishes just sent my sense of "mommy-responsibility" over the edge. I simply could not do it. I have been walking by the dishwasher, actually SNEERING at it all morning. I want the dish fairy to come and take care of it. I cleaned all morning on Wednesday and then the majority of the day yesterday...and I. Am. DONE!

I don't WANT to do housework today! This is NOT what I am good at! I am a people person...I exist to talk to people and work with their muscles and give them a smile and a positive outlook...I want to play with the kids and read my book and work on my scrapbooks! I want to make Christmas cookies and wrap gifts and make out my Christmas cards. I want to play Christmas music and dance around the living room being silly with Noah. I DO NOT WANT TO UNLOAD THE DISHWASHER!!!!! (My God, am I being ridiculous, or WHAT????)

What on earth do I hope to accomplish by refusing to do this one simple task? Absolutely nothing. I am being childish, and I know it will just make the job bigger later this afternoon when I finally have to cave in because there are no clean dishes. But you know what? I really don't give a shit right now. I'm taking the day off. I just think it would be great if one morning I got up and came out and the counter was clean, the dishwasher was empty, and I didn't have to hop right to the household chores. But alas, I don't think THAT is a realistic thought. Our dishwasher runs probably twice a day...and one of those is while we are sleeping, get the picture.

Oh well. Not to worry. After I get done having my little tantrum, I'll just buck up and do my chores...and feel better when it's done. But for now, we'll just use paper plates!!!


countrymouse said...

The dishes will *always* be there. Dancing with Noah won't. You've made the right choice ; )

jenelle said...

I thoroughly understand. There isn't a dishwasher in our rental and it seems like I am ALWAYS doing dishes. Some days I simply refuse and we try to use paper/disposable so not to make too many more. But then I pay for it the next day when I end up with twice the dishes to do and I've walked past the dishes dozens of times dreading the process.

Enjoy your day, your dance with Noah, and refusal to do the dishes. These days will pass...I tell myself that multiple times a day.

Logziella said...

I have had far too many days like this lately. You're not dishes say mean things to me when I walk by them! Ha!

Sky Girl said...

For some reason emptying the dishwasher is one of those tasks I just dread. It makes no sense; it's not hard. But for some reason I just don't like to do it.

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