Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finally...the Christmas Tree!

So there it is, folks! FINALLY, we have got the tree up and decorated. I was starting to think Christmas would get here before I could get caught up! I was so focused on getting the tree on Sunday that Barry and I picked out this lovely tree in THE RAIN...and it was wet, wet, WET!! So we put it up and let it stand for a day to dry out before we decorated it. The kids had fun going through all the ornaments they had made and the ones that have been given to us over the was so nice. We put Noah on candy cane duty, as he is like a bull in a china shop. But let me tell you, he was ABSOLUTLEY fine with that! Plus, they were easier to hang than those little metal hooks!
We also decided to have a few friends over for New Year's Eve...a party in our PJ's, if you will. We are asking everyone to wear comfy PJ's and their funkiest socks. Funky-cool, not funky-stinky! We are having a contest to see whose are the best! Barry has been hard at work getting the basement fixed up for the party. We took the carpet that we had removed from the main floor of the house and put it downstairs and moved some things around...and Barry is building a wall or two. Then we will move all the toys downstairs and set up the TV and Playstation and set all the kids loose! That way we adults can sit up here and chat! Food, friends, and fun...what more can we ask for?

Still don't have my Christmas cards started. This is UNHEARD of around here. I usually have them done the first week of December. I don't even have the picture taken yet. Maybe I can make that happen tomorrow night, when we will all be home. Then I can just have the pics printed on Saturday morning and get the cards done and sent on Monday morning! That will be a weight off my mind... OR, maybe I could use this picture I took the other day...Haven't made any Christmas cookies either. Gotta get on that...soon! I will pick 3-5 of my faves and then we will make them to distribute to our neighbors and friends. Ah, so much to do yet, and so little time!

Hope you all are coming along with your holiday preparations as well!


Hammer said...

Beautiful tree!

countrymouse said...

Ooooh--taking a good photo of the Christmas tree is difficult but you've captured all the glowiness (it is too a word!) so well!

And yeah, use the photo of the kids for the cards, it's lovely : )

jenelle said...

Such cute kids and a great tree. The New year's Eve party sounds like a lots of fun. You are definitely not alone in the running behind on Christmas category. Got to get the cookies baked before Sunday to catch the kids' Sunday school teachers before they leave for the holidays. Deadlines help me get a lot more done though.

California Girl said...

Beautiful tree and the kids look wonderful. I love the fact that you're into the Christmas spirit and actually having the kids participate and not have them watch from the sidelines...very nice!

Kuckie said...

Hammer - Thanks!

CountryMouse- I agree! Glowiness IS a word!

Jenelle - You're right about the deadlines. I get more done in this season than any other time of year.

Cali girl - Thank you so much! I'm trying so hard to be in the Christmas spirit, but some days it's hard because we're so busy! I feel like I'm faking it because it so badly! UGH! But just for today I'm going to sit and wrap gifts and listen to festive music and look at my tree!

Logziella said...

I hear ya! I am behind this year as well. I was going to make my cards and then couldn't figure out a cute I caved and bought some at the store and then I got the idea to take a cute picture and glue it to the front to make the card so I returned the box cards to Target and then the photos came back not as cute as I had imagined. Ugh...still not sure what I am doing yet!

Great tree!

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