Saturday, December 29, 2007

Update on Scout

Scout is home! He spent Friday and Saturday night at the emergency vet hospital, but had no more vomiting. It still appears from the x-rays that something is in his stomach (they can't tell what), but he is eating small amounts of bland food every couple of hours and drinking all the water he wants and is keeping it all down. So, no surgery for now. This is VERY good news!!!
So for now, we'll just give him his meds, keep feeding him the special diet, and keep an eye on him. We are soooo happy to have him home!!!! And thank you so much for the well-wishes!

Funny thing is, the first thing the vet said to me the night I admitted him was "Are you SURE he's a lab/golden retriever mix? He's HUGE!!!" I laughed and told her that's what the lady at the rescue was told, but everyone thinks he's part Newfoundland. She replied, "That's what everyone here is betting on! We've been talking about it since he got here!" But all in all, he got a great report. They said he is "one cool dog" and he was the perfect patient...all of the vets and techs fell in love with him. Isn't that the most wonderful thing to hear as a pet owner???


Kate said...

Great news! Too funny about what they said. I thought he was a Newfie too when I first saw his picture. Are his feet webbed??? That's really the only way to tell. Get better Scout :)

California Girl said...

Happy to hear he's doing better. Poor guy! It shows a lot of how he is treated at home when he goes to the vet and everyone likes him. A loving home and family make him a wonderful friend.

Reggie said...

Good for Scout. We get rescue dogs too.

jenelle said...

Glad to hear he is on the mend. Good luck with keeping track of everything with him. It's a good thing he's a well loved dog.

Hammer said...

I'm so glad scout is getting better!

Kuckie said...

Everyone - thanks for all the well-wishes for our sweet pup!!

Kate - He does have webbed feet...and is also a natural babysitter! We don't care what he is, we love him!

Cali Girl - He really is wonderful...really and truly!

Reggie - Rescue dogs are best!

Jenelle - Let's hope he stays on the mend!

Hammer - Thanks!

Logziella said...

Oh, SO GLAD Scout is doing better! What a CUTE doggie!

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