Monday, December 03, 2007

Weekend Happenings

Well hey there, ya'll! Hope you all had a nice weekend!

We had a really busy week, and Friday was the only evening that both Barry and I were home, so we spent some time playing with the kiddos. Then on Saturday I had to work for a few hours, and while I was doing that, Barry took the kids to Santa Saturday at his work. I guess they had a really fun time...there was Santa (of course), games, music, and lunch.

Then Barry met me at my sister's and dropped Noah off with me so he could take Kendall out for some special time, just the two of them. They went to see Enchanted....Kendall loved it!! Then on Saturday night, we went over to Shawn and Deetra's for dinner. Roast...YUM!!! The kids played like crazy, and Noah was completely obsessed with Shea's Barbie Princess Castle, of course because it went up and down it was TOTALLY COOL.

On Sunday, I went to Ms. Kathy's to work on some beading projects for Christmas. Here are some pics of the few things I made. I think I am safe in posting these, since I don't think the recipients of these gifts read my blog. But just in case, I won't say who they are for! Well, ok...the earrings are for me (heehee....)!

After I got back from there, I had just enough time to get changed and get a bite to eat before Deetra came to pick me up for some Christmas shopping. The Eddie Bauer warehouse was having a big sale for preferred customers only...and we were SOOO there! I picked up a cute brown quilted jacket for half off, and also a fleece pullover that was so soft and fuzzy inside that I just HAD to have it. I also got 5 shirts for work and a cool zippered sweater for Barry. AND, just for spending $20.00 (or quite a bit more) I got a cute stuffed black lab puppy wearing a red scarf. This little doggie is for Noah...he loves his Scouty so much, and this pup looks so much like him! So anyway, we had a successful trip!

Then today, Barry was off due to the fact that our new carpet was being installed. What a pain! We (Barry) had to move all the furniture and make sure it was not in the way. We had to keep Noah occupied so he was out of the way...and that was NO easy task. Then we had to move everything back. Right now we are both just sitting on the couch watching mindless TV, since we are so freaking tired.

Also in for today... since we were moving all the furniture today anyway, we took this opportunity to take down Noah's crib and put him in his big boy bed. No, not the log bed that we will get him when we move him upstairs. This is just a transitional daybed...same one Kendall started out in. And I am happy to report that he seems to like it! He's been in bed for over an hour, and hasn't come out once! So, knock on wood, but we are really excited about that!

Oh yeah, and Noah woke up Saturday morning at 5:45 a.m. moaning that he wanted "More pancakes! I want MORE pancakes!!" Really, this kid must dream of nothing but food! But hey, at least he has good taste!!!

And one more thing, if you're still with me at this point....what a perfect storm of football this week...all the right teams lost...and now,

The Bucks are back at #1, Baby! Watch out LSU, here we come!!!


jenelle said...

I'm tired just listening to all of that. The gifts look great. Never thought of decorating the handles...
Also very cool of Barry taking Kendall out for some dad/movie time. Good for him.
Hope you are enjoying the carpet and recuperated from all your efforts. Good luck with the big-boy bed.

Logziella said...

I know what you mean about the carpet we got new carpet 2 years ago and I still remember all the work!...we had the entire house done.

And oh boy, I LOVE THOSE EARRINGS!! Where do you buy your beads? I never see anything that unique or nice at my Michaels. Do you make necklaces too?

And your little Noah, what a funny little guy...a typical male...always thinking about food. I love it!!!


You mean they didn't cry and pee on santa

Sky Girl said...

Congrats to Ohio State, although it was my Missouri Tigers who lost that led to the "perfect storm" that let Ohio State in. I thought about you Ohio bloggers as I watched Missouri lose! =)

Rick said...


Kuckie said...

Jenelle - I am enjoying the carpet, just trying to get used to's so different!

Logzie - I got those particular beads at The One Stop Bead Shop. I loved them the minute I saw them and knew they would be some sassy earrings for me! Haven't attempted a necklace yet!

Snowman - We've been lucky in that regard so far!!

Sky Girl - Thought of you too, while we watched Missouri lose...

Rick - You can say that again!

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