Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What a Fun Christmas!

Another fun Christmas has passed!

We started off the weekend with a trip to see the zoo lights with our friends, the Huntingtons. It was a relatively warm night, so the kids were having a good time. Kendall was already worn out from all the holiday preparations, so she was a little whiny, but we still had fun.

Saturday, we ventured west and headed to Barry's dad's house for Christmas with the Kucks. This year we had brunch, complete with pancakes, eggs, and sausage. Of course, we can't forget the traditional peppermint stick ice cream and little cookies that Luanne always has for dessert! The kids could barely wait to open the gifts, as usual, but were much less rowdy than in previous years! Noah was really into ripping open the gifts the year, but he really would have been happy with just one gift. As soon as he opened the first one, he wasn't interested in any more! Just like every year, the kids made out like bandits...and we had such a wonderful time sitting around visiting with the family and watching the kids play.

We had to leave the Kucks around 4:00 to get to my mom's family Christmas at my uncle's house. They have a new house that is HUGE...and really, really nice. Plenty big for our huge family! There were kids EVERYWHERE, all 3 floors, I tell you! But it was great fun seeing everyone.

We left for my Dad's about 7:30-8:00 and Noah fell asleep on the way, poor baby. He had been fighting a nasty cold all week, and all the excitement got the better of him. We put him to bed as soon as we got there and then stayed up late talking and eating. The next morning, we got up, had brunch, and opened all the wonderful gifts everyone had brought. We stayed for awhile, watching my new "The Office, Season 3" and laying around relaxing. And then it was time to head back home to get ready for my Mom and Joe to arrive on Christmas Eve...

Mom & Joe and Jess all arrived late in the afternoon, and we sat around chatting and waiting for Noah to wake up. We usually eat and then open our gifts to each other, but this year we decided to eat late and open gifts early. So as soon as Noah woke up, we got him a little snack and sat down to give gifts! By this time, Noah had the gift thing down pat. The gift of the night was Noah's excavator (see the pics at the right!) This thing was major-cool, and he talks about it non-stop. And no-one, I mean, NO ONE is allowed to touch the "escabator"!! And check out the necklace Barry had made for me! (Thanks Kathy, I love it!)

Santa came that night, but thank goodness the kiddos slept until 8:00, so we were all well-rested by the time the kids went crazy with the presents again! We had raspberry stuffed french toast and a scrambled egg strata for breakfast...YUM! Then we just sat around and watched the kids play. Never got out of my pajamas the whole day...it was AWESOME.

Jessie stayed again last night and we got up today to do a couple of returns and a little shopping before Barry headed out for his hunting trip. So now, Noah is sleeping, I am finishing this long overdue blog post, and Kendall and I are watching Shrek 3. It promises to be a nice relaxing night in the cabin.

Enjoy the pics and I hope you and all your families had a warm and wonderful Christmas together!!


Reggie said...

Looks like you guys had a big time.

jenelle said...

Looks like a wonderful and busy Christmas. The kids (and you/barry) must be exhausted after all the family and parties. The "escabator" is awesome. If he's anything like my boy - that this is going to get used until it falls apart. Boys and their toys!

Glad to hear all went well. Had leftover blueberry pancakes and they were almost as good as the original run ;)

Kuckie said...

Reggie - we did! Sounds like you guys did too!

Jenelle - We are exhausted, but all the rest from yesterday certainly helped! Glad to hear the blueberry pancakes were a hit! They are our fave...

Logziella said...

That sounded like a fabulous time! So glad you shared it with us! :0)

terri said...

Sounds exhausting, but wonderful!

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