Sunday, February 08, 2009

Build A Bear!

Grandma Luanne got Kendall a gift card to Build-a-Bear for her birthday, and she was dying to use it, so we headed out to Easton Friday night to check it out. It had been awhile since we'd had a family night out together, so we figured we make an evening of it and go out to eat as well.

When we got to Build-a-Bear, Kendall took her time choosing which bear she wanted. Noah was getting antsy, of course. Kendall picked a panda, and when we headed over the the "stuffer", Noah decided he was getting gypped. He wanted to do it too!!! Barry and I decided that Noah sat through this the last 2 times we had done it with Kendall, and yes, it was high time he got to build a bear too. Of course, he picked out the cheapest bear...gotta love boys!!! And the highlight for him was "the stuffer"...he was so excited about it that the lady running it let him stuff his own bear all by himself. Boy, was he tickled!!
Then we headed over to the "bathing" station and the kiddos cleaned up their bears...After they finished cleaning the bears up, we picked out names for each bear. Kendall named her panda Bamboo, and Noah decided his bear would be Dexter. Finally, we headed over to pick out some took Kendall forever, but we were so proud of her in the end. She was a very savy shopper and truly got the most for her money. She compared prices, combined was great to watch! She ended up with a pair of HSM pajamas, a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt. And she even had $5 left over!

Noah, on the other hand, loudly proclaimed that "Bears don't wear clothes!!!". And so Dexter has no clothes...and that's the way Noah likes him. Funny...they were running a special where we got $5 off, so Noah's bear ended up costing us a whopping $5!!!! You just can't beat that! And doesn't he look happy???After Build-A-Bear, we headed over to California Pizza Kitchen for a late dinner. We hadn't been there in forever, and I was NOT was SO GOOD! And the kids behaved very well, so it was a nice evening out. Of course, they both fell asleep on the way home...and we went to bed really early too. But hey, not a bad start to the weekend!


Kiki said...

Such cute pics of the kids and that Kendall is one smart and savvy shopper....looks like everyone had a great time!!!

Miss Got Wings said...

hahaha - I love Noah's point of view. No, they do not wear clothes :)

Mom said...

Aahh - the differences between boys and girls! And, I'm glad Noah finally got a bear. Can't wait to meet Dexter and the new panda.


terri said...

Sounds like such a fun evening. I want to build a bear!

Claire said...

This was such a great story that it made me want a bear too!!! I don't know if I can wait until the next grandchild visits!!!!

KC said...

Oh how fun! My boys LOVE Build A Bear. We've only done it once, but they love their bears and sleep with them every night.

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