Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ask and you shall receive...

So...remember a couple of days ago when I said we were hoping to get one of our hens to sit this Spring?? Well, ask and you shall receive, because later that day, Kendall went out to collect eggs and this is what she found...A hen protectively sitting on 9 beautiful eggs. We hurried out with a crayon and marked each egg with an "X", so we would know which eggs were hers to hatch. Of course, as Barry pulled each egg out from under her, she pecked at him (like any good mother would), but we got them all marked. She will only get off of her eggs to eat. Other than that, she just sits there and periodically turns her eggs.

Barry had to show Kendall how to reach under her to collect any other eggs she may lay while she's sitting, so they don't get mixed up. Our sweet little hen gets more tolerant each day, which is good for Kendall. So, it looks like we will have 9 baby chicks in about 2 weeks! How exciting!

Also, in the "Ask and you shall receive" deparment...I needed a pair of shoes to match two sundresses that I will need for a couple of events this summer. One sundress was given to me by my mom. It's strapless, and white with a chocolate brown floral pattern and a faux belt. Very cute! But I don't wear heels, so I needed a pair! Also, I have another halter-style sundress that is an olive green with chocolate brown and tan in it. I have worn this one a few times, but since I didn't have any shoes to match, Sheri always lets me borrow hers. I thought it was high-time to get some of my own shoes...don't you agree???

So Sheri and I went out shoe shopping, and I said a little prayer, because I don't really like shopping anyway...and you know you NEVER can find something when you need it. But look what I found!!!
They are not overly fancy, which is what I like...and not overly high, which I like even more. AND they go with BOTH dresses!! Oh yeah, and most importantly???? They are comfortable!!! I am VERY excited about this little development, let me tell you!

And so, the lesson of the day is this...ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!!! LOL!


Sheri said...

I would like to ask for a good, good man to knock on my door and sweep me off my feet.................:)

Deetra said...

We can't wait to see the baby chicks!!! Can I ask for Will to sleep at night?!?!!

terri said...

Those shoes are SO cute. Ok, that's it. I'm asking for shoes. And clothes.

Teresa said...

I just want less of maybe 25-30lbs less!! LOL!!

Super cute shoes Jen!!

country mouse said...

oooohh--yummy shoes : )

Miss Got Wings said...

love the shoes! now post pics of them w/ the dresses :)

California Girl said...

Ah, fresh homegrown eggs. Fantastic!

Thos shoes are adorable - great find!

Happy Day to you!

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