Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

We almost forgot to color our eggs this year! I am usually on top of this, and have my egg-coloring kit bought weeks in advance. But not this year...Easter just crept right up on me! That being said, we didn't get to color our eggs until Saturday afternoon. I decided to try a different kind of kit this year...a sponge painting kit, which I thought would be easier for the kids.
They each did one, and then we started having problems. See, the dye was really thin and watery, so basically what happened was the colors all ran together and turned the eggs gray. Not very pretty for Easter eggs at all. So we scrapped that idea and decided to try to dye them on the fly. I pulled out some gel food coloring, added some vinegar and hot water, and we were set to go. Except that I only had yellow, green and blue. I had used all of the red making a red velvet cake, so no pretty pink eggs....bummer!

Needless to say, all of our eggs were dark gray, dark green, dark yellow (almost gold) and blue. Not very springy at all. But the kids decided it may be a good idea to jazz them up a bit with stickers and glitter, so we let them go for it. It helped, but let's just say that this was not our best year for pretty eggs! Barry reminded me more than once that it didn't matter, because the kids were having fun and they were happy with them. He was right, as always! LOL!


terri said...

Darn those husbands! They're not often right, but when they are, it's usually about the important things. And I have to say that I agree with Barry. If the kids were having fun, no matter what the eggs looked like in the end, it was a success.

(Jake always tries to make a "poop" brown egg for his favorite uncle. A standing joke between the two of them. But I try to make sure there are plenty of pretty eggs in addition.)

jenelle said...

so the eggs are still in the fridge and the kit still in the drawer... never made it that far this year. Oh well. Maybe we'll do them next week, just for kicks. Glad that you had fun anyway

Kuckie said...

Yeah, the kids don't really care when you do things like that...they just have fun DOING it!!!

KC said...

Hey, that's a Pampered Chef bowl isn't it? I think those are on my "pampered chef outlet" right now, on sale. Let me know if you want the website address. :)

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