Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break? What break??

This week was Kendall's spring break, and I didn't have anything big and exciting planned, mainly because the rest of the family had to go about our normal routine. None of the rest of us were on break! Monday was a really nice day. The kids played wonderfully together the entire nice to see! And I was able to get some things done, which is always nice. Tuesday was my birthday, and since we didn't have anyone to watch Kendall (I had a couple of appointments), Barry took the day off and hung out with the kiddos while I went to work. We got up and got going early because Barry suggested we go out to breakfast. WAHOO!! My workload was a bit light, so I decided to also get my hair cut, which I desperately needed. The nice weather is here and I wanted a little change. Damon did not disappoint me! He gave me a sassy little angled bob, and it's totally cute! Just what the doctor ordered.

I came home, read my cards from the kiddos and opened some gifts. The kiddos got me a really cute picture frame and Barry got me 4 bottles of my favorite wine. Keep in mind that we can't get this particular wine in Ohio. He had to have it shipped to one of our friend's offices in Wisconsin, and then he shipped it to Barry. CRAZY!! But I am so happy that Barry went to the trouble...and I am definitely saving it for when my favorite Canadian, Sarah, is here at the end of the month! Then I sat down, watched The Office, and ate my chocolate truffle cheesecake that Sheri made me. It was a good day. Well, except for the snow...but I don't want to talk about that!

Wednesday we had nowhere we had to go, and nothing we had to do, so I enlisted the kiddos' help and we did some MAJOR spring cleaning! We did Kendall's room from top to bottom. We weeded out toys and clothes, dusted, swept, and cleaned the bathroom. We got rid of a whole bag of toys and just "junk", as well as a huge pile of clothes. It was AWESOME! I also finished all of the laundry, dusted and swept the entire house, cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen, seasoned my cast iron skillets, and made dinner. It was a fantastic day! And then, to top it all off, a girl came and bought my crib, which I had posted on Craig's List. Yee-ha! And even better, she also wants to buy my stroller, infant car seat, and monitor. ROCK ON! I am on fire, people! LOL!

I worked on Thursday, and Sheri was gracious enough to take Kendall for the afternoon. They went to a movie, for ice cream (big surprise there!!) and then to Michael's for a craft item to work on. Kendall was thrilled to get in plenty of time snuggling with Sheri's bunny, George, who is always a hit with the kids. Would you believe that George is like 12 years old??? That's positively ANCIENT for a bunny!And today, my sis and I took the kiddos to IKEA. They had a ball in the play area, and Jess and I got a little shopping done. I got some new pictures and things for my office and some frames for the house. I made it out around $150 total, so not too shabby! It was a fun time and a really good thing to do on such a rainy, dreary day.

We have a busy weekend coming up, but I'm looking forward to the craziness and seeing all of our family. Hope you all had a good week too!!!

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terri said...

You know the rules. If you're going to mention your totally cute haircut, you HAVE to post a picture!

And dang, girl! When you decide to get things done, you really get things done! I can't believe how much you accomplished in a day's time!

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