Monday, April 20, 2009

Signs of Spring!

We had some really great weather around here this past weekend...sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and temperatures in the seventies. It was absolutely wonderful! I took the opportunity between all of the work to grab my camera, knock the dust off, and get some pictures. Here are a few signs of spring that I witnessed...

This is a single bloom on a Royal Star Magnolia that we planted two years ago. We thought it died, since the other two we planted did. But no...we came out to find this beautiful bloom and were so excited!
The ever-present sunblock. With all of the fair skin in this household, we have these little spray cans everywhere. This one made it's debut this weekend.

The kids, dressed in play clothes, and playing outside with their dog. Scout was a happy camper, and so were Kendall and Noah. They all went to bed early and slept like rocks!

A pretty purple hyacinth. Barry loves the smell of these, so I planted them all around the front of the house. We really enjoy them, even though they last for such a short time.

The beginning of my garden. This particular picture is of the raised bed Barry built me just for my herb garden. I am so excited!

These are my chives. I guess since they are in, I can officially say my garden is started, right? Although, Taffy gave me these, so it was kind of like cheating...but still. The garden is started. Period. LOL!

Two kids, happy to be playing in the dirt which will be my garden in a few short weeks. They were digging holes and seeing what kind of critters they could find...and let me tell you, they found quite a few! I heard Kendall (quite a few times) telling Noah all about earthworms and poly bugs and ants. He just hangs on her every word, and then spits it back at me when she's at school. I'm glad he's listening...Kendall is full of information!

I hope you are all seeing signs of spring as well...get out there and enjoy this weather!


jenelle said...

looking good. dirt is so much fun isn't it. that cloths line is going to come in handy this summer.

terri said...

Hey, my chives are up, so I guess my garden is in too! We had some warm weather on Friday and Saturday and then it got cold and rainy on Saturday. Your kids look like they're having the time of their lives!

KC said...

Yea for spring!!! My boys picked me my first bouquet of flowers from our yard on Sunday. I saw it sitting on my kitchen counter this morning and thought "Spring is officially here". Going to be in the 80's all week! Woo-Hoo!!!! Love this time of year. Just don't ask me about the weather in July and August, when it's scorching hot...LOL!

Miss Got Wings said...

your kiddos are so stinkin cute. it's so refreshing to see kids outside in the dirt. out here in the burbs, it's anti-septic land and we don't see kids out too much anymore. they're all inside on the video games. sad really. thanks for renewing my faith!

Katie @ said...

haha! I used to plant trees exactly the way your son was. Too cute. I live in Germany in a tiny apartment, so I'm eager for the land like you show in your blog. I miss home!

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