Sunday, April 05, 2009

Some updates

Hey there all...I'm so sorry I've been a bit lackadaisical about posting regularly. Whenever I sit down to write, I always feel like nothing exciting has been happening around here...just the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. However, this week I was going back through some of my old posts, and I realized that the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives is EXACTLY what I used to write about!! And then I took that thought a little further and realized that maybe, just MAYBE, that is what you all stop by to read! So I offer my sincerest apologies to you. I will do better about writing a whole bunch of non-important details of my life for your reading pleasure... LOL!!

So, what's been going on around here??? Well, I've been working hard to keep up with Sheri and the new cooking blog. If you haven't stopped over yet to check it out, you should! We've been making some pretty mahvelous stuff over there. Sheri is a maniac...she's cooking or baking something new and exciting most every. Single. Day. I'm lucky these days to try something new once a week, but I AM pulling out some old favorites of ours while trying to work in some new things. I highly suggest you tune in this week to see what Sheri made me for my birthday (which is Tuesday, but she's already got it done...darn overachiever that she is!!!).

Barry has been working hard to get the basement finished. He has been drywalling, mudding, sanding, putting some laminate flooring down, and priming. Fun, fun, fun!!! I've just been trying to get a vision of what we want that space to look like so I can pick out some paint. He's been harassing me for 3 weeks or so now to get it done, but I have other things on my my garden!! It's time to plant!! And mulch!! So much to do...

The kids are keeping plenty busy with the nice weather we've been having. They are also really into building with blocks, legos, kid'nex and the like. We've seen some pretty elaborate stuff lately. Kendall also started piano lessons this month, and she LOVES it. She practices constantly, and is zooming right through her first book. Noah has discovered the Go, Diego, Go!! movies at the library, and that has been his big thing here lately, along with his unabashed love for all things Thomas-related.

My business is still slow, but I'm hanging in there. I'm really hoping things turn around when the weather is a bit nicer, as is usually the case. But if not, I guess I'll just enjoy a little more of the summer than usual, eh? Gotta find that silver lining!

My friend Jenny, from back home, is getting married this week in St. Lucia. She is having a reception the first week of May, and let me tell you what fun this whole thing has been. I went to the bachelorette party a few weeks ago, and what a fun time we had!! I was so happy for the opportunity to see a lot of my friends that I haven't seen in years. We had a party bus that took us to all of the dive bars around the lake. Here we are, showing our "WOW" faces...There were 80 jello shots, many beers, and a couple of different types of shots involved. There was live music, dancing, singing, bumper-peeing, and my sister taking over the bartending. There was 80's music...and lots of it. I distinctly remember Poison playing a lot while on the bus. The next morning was a little rough, but we persevered!! Can't wait for the reception...more peeps to catch up with!!
The chickens are back in business, and I have eggs coming out of my ears! I am selling free-range eggs for $2.00 per dozen, so give me a shout if you are interested. We're hoping that some of our hens will want to sit this year so we can have some baby chicks. Kendall checks almost every day...she really, REALLY wants baby chicks!! I guess we'll see what happens there. You can be sure I'll post about that if if happens!!

Kendall is on Spring Break this week, and I'm hoping to enlist her help to weed out her closet, dresser, and all of the other stuff in her room. It is a serious black hole in there. We might even be able to get Noah in on the action too, as he is THRILLED that Kendall will be home all week to play. On Friday, Jessie and I are taking the kids to Cincinnati to IKEA for a little shopping. It should be fun...the kids will totally dig the kid play area. And I'm hoping to find some new pictures to hang in my office. I'm trying to do an inexpensive "redo". Wish me luck!

And last, but not certainly not least, Noah has started saying "L" instead of "W". For instance, he would say "Wook!" instead of "Look!", or " I wuv you" instead of "I love you". And though it was so stinkin' cute...I am happy to see him enunciating correctly. I guess he's really and truly not a baby anymore... :(

That's it folks...humdrum details for ya. But hopefully this week will bring lots of pictures, funny stories, and good recipes for me to share. The kids being home always provides me with material!! Happy Sunday to you!!


Miss Got Wings said...

bumper peeing . . . .lovely~ lol. Gatorade and tylenol work wonders before going to bed on nights like those . . . makes the morning a whole lot more functional. Sounds like a great time in Kuckie-land. Can't wait to see how the basement turns out!

I know I still owe you a pic of me in the kitchen for the recipe. . . I'm working on it. Tonight I was in there again . . this time making "Sopa Seca" (Mexican noodle casserole).

Have a great week!

jenelle said...

good to catch up with you. :) Go, Diego, Go!! Because you need one more child to save all the animals on your property. Baby Jaguar and Diego often tag along on car trips with us and have to be "buckled" in before we can leave - so they can be safe too.

Enjoy IKEA. Again, so envious. Just pick a color for the basement - you can always re-paint. Red & Gray with a big "O" on the wall?
Large murals of ice cream or scenes from the Office... Just pick something you love.

country mouse said...

Ha ha--that's a pretty darn busy life for being "humdrum" : )

terri said...

That was anything BUT humdrum! The cooking blog sounds like a great way to stay motivated in the kitchen. And the bachelorette party sounds like a BLAST! And as if you don't have enough to do... you're finishing your basement? Call me weird, but I think that's exciting. I love creating new spaces in my house (not that I have much chance, but I can always re-do things these days.)

Teresa said...

That was anything but boring!! We love to hear about your everday life! I'm loving your cooking blog...I haven't had a moment to try anything out yet but I do check it often.

As for your basement...that's a tough one. I love the colors in your house already...what about a neutral paint color and accenting with colors in pillows and decorations?

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