Monday, December 14, 2009

Buddy and Tinker Bing-a-ling

We have 2 elves that come to our house the weekend after Thanksgiving each year to keep an eye on the kids for Santa. Their names are Buddy and Tinker Bing-a-Ling. Buddy is Kendall's elf, and Tinker Bing-a-Ling is Noah's. Every night, the elves report the kids' behavior back to Santa Claus and then head back to our house to be mischievous and play. The kids so enjoy getting up every morning to see what their elves have been up to through the night, and they sure do watch their behavior, because nobody wants a bad report to Santa! Here are some of their recent shenanigans...
They have also been found playing in my mixer bowl, head-down in cereal boxes, hanging from light fixtures, and climbing the Christmas tree. Those silly elves! Too bad I didn't always have my camera handy! We sure will miss them when they head back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve!

Do you have elves that visit your house?


Kate said...

hahaha - they are SO cute! I hope they visit our house next year and keep watch over Baby B!

terri said...

We don't have any elves, but there are lots of snowmen keeping an eye on things!

Anonymous said...

I laugh every stinkin time I hear the name "Tinker Bing A Ling" I LOVE it!!!!!

Can't wait for Christmas next week!!!


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