Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The To-Do List!

This week I have a "to-do" list that's a mile long...the one pictured above is my list just for today. Don't you love that notepad...the "To Don't" list?!?! My fab friend Amy got it for me, because we are kindred spirits...you'll never see us without at least one list! It has columns for things to avoid, to sabotage, to delay, and to pawn off. I love using it!!

Anywho...I began my day with a plan. Noah was at childcare, but Kendall is on Christmas break, so I let her invite a friend over to play. I figured this would keep her occupied so that I could get some work done. And no, I don't feel guilty. I've spent PLENTY of time with her in the past week!!

Turns out that apparently I am a really fun playmate...because these girls would not leave me alone! Finally I just had to put it out there and tell them to go play because I simply HAD to get some of this stuff done! After that they were much better, and went outside to play in the snow for a bit before coming in to play the new Wii games. Or maybe they were setting a fire or cutting all the hair off the baby dolls...who knows? All I know for sure is that they left me alone long enough to accomplish almost everything on my list. And for that, I am forever grateful.



Jen said...

You're adorable, you know that?
I loved this post.
I am also a "kindred spirit" with the whole list thing. I'm a post-it addict these days. Mostly because I can't find a single pad of paper anywhere most of the time.
So...am I a weirdo because I blew up that picture of your list and read every item on it? (eeek!) I just wanted to see how "stressful" your list really was--you know...compared to mine. I gotta hand it to you..if you got all that done in one afternoon, you da'bomb baby! Wowee!
Ps. I love it that the girls may have been cutting all the hair off their baby dolls and you don't even care! You're my hero!

Claire said...

I love that Jen blew up the picture of your list!!!! Now that I've been laid off by the newspaper I am planning on making my lists and begin "editing" my home - getting rid of stuff is going to be very cathartic!!!

Kuckie said...

Jen - Girl, you are too funny! But hey, I wasn't kidding when I said I was on a roll...so many things needed to be done. And I felt MUCH better after having that whole list out of the way!

Claire - Getting rid of stuff is so renewing! I have been on a year-long purge, and it is still going strong. I can't believe how much stuff we have accumulated. Time to simplify!

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