Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Thanksgiving Rundown

I know this post is late folks, but Blogger has not been friendly to me this week! For some unknown reason, none of my pictures would upload. Finally, it worked today...so here ya go!

So Thanksgiving is probably crazier for us than Christmas. You see, we have 3 Thanksgiving dinners in 30 hours when it comes to this food-filled holiday.

The kids and I headed out on Wednesday, late afternoon, to get to my Mom's. We got settled in, ordered a Celina Wine Store pizza (my absolute FAVE!), and my friend Shelly came over to visit. Barry and Luke were busy cutting up the deer, so they didn't come home until Thursday morning. On Thursday, we got up and ready to go and headed to my dad's for Thanksgiving "lunch" with he and Taffy. We had a wild turkey that my dad shot and cooked himself. It was very different from your average Thanksgiving turkey, as he made it in a Dutch oven with sausage, but still very yummy! I ate my fill, but was careful not to eat too much, as we had dinner with the Kucks at 5:30 that evening. My kids ate some turkey, potatoes, and veggies, but really went to town on the pie...especially since my dad loaded it up with whipped cream for them! Noah wasn't cooperating so well at first, but my dad told him that if he ate all of his turkey and veggies, he had a surprise for him. This completely intrigued my boy...so he ate every last bite. What was his surprise, you ask? Turkey feathers and the beard from that ol' Tom Turkey we had just eaten! Noah was in 7th heaven...
He kept holding the beard up to his chin, so we took a picture, and then that became a lot of fun when Jessie decided to use the beard as a moustache...

And then Noah had to make Uncle Luke have a moustache too...I think we were having too much fun with the turkey beard, don't you think??

After we sat around and visited for a while, it was time to head to have dinner with the Kucks. The kids are always so excited to see their cousins...they played hard and both fell asleep on the way back to my mom's. Sorry...no pics of that dinner. I forgot to take my camera in, and was having too much fun socializing to take pics. :)

On Friday, we had dinner with my Mom & Joe. Joe made his turkey on the grill, and it was tasty too...wow...turkey 3 times! How did we get so lucky? The food was really yummy and I stuffed myself with 2 helpings of mashed potatoes. Remind me again why I don't make those more often??? I wandered around, taking random photos...And then it was time to head back home.

It was getting late, and we wanted to be up early to go get our tree.

Neither of my kids fell asleep on the 90 minute drive home...go figure. But rest assured, we had no problem getting them to bed. They were T.I.R.E.D.! Another successful Thanksgiving, and many blessings to be thankful for. Hope yours was wonderful too!


terri said...

That does sound like a crazy-busy holiday, but from the photos, I can see you all had a ton of fun!

Julie said...

It all sounds delicious! Wonderful too with so many different family members and celebrations :) Now I am hungry for pie...

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