Monday, April 03, 2006

Deal ...or No Deal?

Ok, so we're hooked on that new game show DEAL OR NO DEAL here in the Kuck house. Have you seen it? It reels you in and you are hooked! And Howie Mandel is a genius at drawing every decision out until the last possible second. (Although I can see that this particular trait will inevitably get on my nerves at some point in time....) Anyway, we've been watching it when we can catch it. Kendall is really hooked as well. I didn't actually think she would be into it, or even really understand it, BUT SHE DOES. Of particular fun to her is yelling, "NO DEAL!" and "Don't do it!" It's pretty funny!

So the other night we were watching DEAL OR NO DEAL. After it was over, Barry took Kendall up to bed to read her the nighttime story and do her whole routine. He comes downstairs 15 minutes later shaking his head and laughing....and I know that a good Kendall story is about to ensue. Here is what happened:

After the brushing of the teeth and emptying of the bladder, Barry read her a book. If you know Kendall well, you know that she is ALWAYS hungry. She needs a snack every 45 minutes, or she just may fall over and die from starvation. Oh, yeah. It's THAT serious. So anyway, he gives her a kiss and tells her goodnight, etc. and as he turns to walk out the door she says:

"Hey Dad... how about if I lay here and try to sleep and you come back in 10 minutes to check on me. If I'm still awake, you can bring me a little snack. If I'm asleep, you don't have to. DEAL... OR NO DEAL?????"

Barry, always on top of things, quickly responds..." NO DEAL!" and walks out of the room laughing.

AHHHH, the fun NEVER ends!

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