Sunday, April 16, 2006

Thank You Easter Bunny!

Well, yet another candy-filled holiday has passed! This Easter was fun, but hectic as all get-out! Aunt Jessie called Friday night and said she thought she might go ahead and take off, and asked if we would like her to take the kids with us. WHAT??!!?? WOULD WE??? SURE! Of course, that meant running around like a madwoman trying to get the kids packed up and in to Jessie's before they fell asleep. But we managed, and off they went. This would be Noah's first overnight away from us...and guess what? He did fine...didn't even miss us. NOT A BIT. I'm sure the spoiling was going in full swing at grandma's house!

I had forgotten that I had to work on Saturday, so that pushed us back to leaving at 3:30 on Saturday. That being said, we didn't make it around to as many people as we would have liked, so if we didn't get to your house, you now know why! In fact, between us getting home later than planned and Noah's nap schedule, we only made it two places! At least both families had egg hunts for the kids. Noah thoroughly enjoyed his first foray into that green stuff known as grass. He loved it! He couldn't stop picking at all of the little blades...and we were thankful that he didn't try to eat it - he eats everything else!

Kendall had a ball with her cousins! She never wants to leave, and it gets harder every year to tell her we have to leave one house to go to another. This year she told me it wasn't fair, and that she NEVER gets to play with her cousins, so we should let her stay as long as she wants. I agree to some extent, it just isn't that simple sometimes.

So let me end this post with saying that the candy content is OUT OF CONTROL in this house. Kendall is asking for candy constantly, as we are trying to wean her down from the weekend. She'll be lucky if half of it doesn't get thrown away....or eaten by Daddy!

OK, OK, I might have a piece or two...

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