Thursday, April 27, 2006

So You Want To Meet Sarah and Torben, eh?

Here they are...our Canadian friends, Sarah and Torben (pronounced Taubin, for those of you who don't know!).

These are the two that we miss A LOT since they left the States 2 or so years ago.

These are the two that we just had to go visit to see just what was so great about Canada. (And let me say for the record that Canada is really nice, but the only thing they have that we really can't do without is these two friendly Canadian chiropractors pictured right here. )

Did we have a lot of fun? YES, without a doubt!

Did we get a lot of R&R? NO, absolutely not!

But that is totally cool. We talked so much that I was still hoarse until Wednesday. We shopped. We hiked. We ate. We drank. We "kind of" watched hockey. We made fun of each other. And probably most importantly....we LAUGHED, GIGGLED, and were generally just silly. Silly like I haven't been in such a long time.... And by the way, what's with the "Canadian" Geese? I didn't see even one in Canada, but I see flocks of them around here!! They never leave!

And so, Sarah and Torben...although we can see why you left us (dramatic sigh here) , we now see why you love it in Canmore. You have a truly beautiful place to call home, a promising practice, and a relationship most people will never experience.

What more can you ask for, EH?

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