Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Can you believe it? It's already my birthday... AGAIN! WHOOO HOOOOO! It doesn't seem possible that I can really be 35 years old. I can remember when my parents were 35, and that really seemed old then. Doesn't seem so old now, though!

In all honesty, though, birthdays don't really bother me. Not even 30 did! Celebrating yet another birthday just means I get to celebrate another year of opportunities, another year of vacations, another year of seeing the kids change, another year of laughing with Barry, and another year to spend with my family and friends. Who in their right mind would ever lament their birthday? Another birthday means a whole list of reasons why you are still here!

Sheri and I firmly believe that your birthday should be celebrated for an entire month, heck...even the entire year! Our birthdays are something we look forward to every single's another occasion to get together for dinner with friends...and a reason to do anything we want through the month of April. In fact, we often plan our next birthday before we are even finished celebrating! This year, we are going to Calgary to visit our ultra-cool friends Sarah and Torben. Of course, we justified this trip with..."Obviously, we should go in April, it's our birthday!" And so, we are going! I can't wait...even more celebrating!

So, my dear friends and family...I'll leave you with this: No more boo-hooing about getting old! Get out there and celebrate! There's still so much to do...and a birthday is the perfect means to justify it!

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