Thursday, May 25, 2006

Awesome Amy

Hey everybody....guess what?

Another important birthday has rolled around!

Today I need to give a shout out to my California-based, brown-eyed, wine-lovin' girl, Amy Wood!

Amy is awesome, pure and simple. She is chic and classy, yet a total goofball at the same time. She can hang with anybody. I've never seen her with the biker crowd, but it wouldn't suprise me to see her on the back of a Harley! You'll see her with your A-listers...all the cool, girlie, fashionable gals, and then you'll see her with me...her "feng-shui, tree-huggin', granola crunchin'" friend. (That is a direct quote by the she left on my answering machine after I bought a flock of chicks for a little African village in her kids' names for Christmas...)

Doesn't matter.

Amy is one of a kind.

She always says it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission...and she's right!

She acknowledges that she can't sing...yet will belt out "Brown-Eyed Girl" or anything by Shania Twain at the top of her lungs...anyplace, anytime. In fact, I seem to recall a story about she and Jim going to Karaoke at Champps. If I remember correctly, she either got booed from the stage, or Jim pulled her off...I'm not sure, but I DO know this...she doesn't care. She'd do it again in a heartbeat. And that is what I LOVE about Amy. No inhibitions. With a shrug of her shoulders and big smile, her motto is..."Who cares?"

She always thinks she is making an ass of herself, but she doesn't realize that everyone just thinks she's funny and they love being around her. I say you can't be making that big of an ass out of yourself if they keep inviting you! You must be doing something right!

She is fun, hip, relaxed, generous, honest, smokin' hot (can a girl say that about another girl?)...and VERY cool. No one better to go shopping with, either.

She's a real go-getter. Want something done and done fast? Give it to Amy. Give her a carte blanche budget and let her run wild. It will get done and you won't be disappointed! Full throttle all the way!

She's a great mom and a true friend. I can't speak on Jim's behalf , but I'm pretty sure she gets all A's in the wife department too!

I miss her terribly. I wish she still lived in Ohio. The only good thing about her being in San Diego is the fact that it's a really fun place to visit...and the fact that she's happy there! We won't get there this year, but I'm planning on it next year for sure!

I love ya, Amy! Who else would watch "Supersize Me" with me just for fun....and then make our kids watch it the next day, asking afterwards, "Who wants to go to McDonalds?"

HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY...(again!) Tee hee!

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Amy Wood said...

I am cracking up! You know me better than I know myself. I love that. It takes a long time to grow an old friend... you're the best Jen Kuck!!!!

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