Monday, May 29, 2006

Busy, busy, busy!

WOW! I LOVE 3-day weekends! We decided on Friday night to lay out our plan to tackle everything we wanted to get done this weekend. And believe me, it was A LOT. We knew that Sunday was pretty much a wash, since we were going to a cookout for the majority of the day, but other than that, we had a plan! Let me just tell you what all we got done...

Mulching, mulching, and more mulching.

All of the trees have been watered.

The garden is pretty much finished. We finally got the giant pumpkins, the little tiny pumpkins, the cucumbers, and the beans in. FINALLY!

All the laundry...and Kendall was thrilled to help me hang it out on my newly installed clothesline. She helped take it down too! Too bad she's not too great at folding!

Flowerbeds are complete. Nice black mulch, colorful annuals, no weeds....ahhhhhhh...

Bird feeders hung and filled.

Citronella burners set up... shoo, you annoying mosquitos!

Strawberry patch is weeded...and the strawberries are getting ripe! YUM!

The yard is mowed, and the weed whacking is done...what a job!

The bathrooms are clean....YIPPEE!

Well, Kendall's room WAS clean....yesterday....

I weeded out all of Noah's clothes that no longer fit and packed them away....and replaced them with all of the new clothes he got for his birthday. I also did the same for Kendall, except we don't have the new clothes just yet!

We even made time to cook out with Sheri on Saturday evening, and Aunt Jessie tonight (she was missing the kiddos...).

And, most unbelievable of all...we actually sat down and watched a movie last night. Walk the Line... GOOD movie. Gotta love Reese...but Joaquin Phoenix just creeps me out, no matter who he plays...

Other than that, we did the cookout on Sunday, and so here are a few pictures. We had a really good time, and the kids totally crashed out on the way home. They had run hard, and boy, was it hot! It was great to see all of Barry's old co-workers and their families. Did I mention it was HOT?

Shit. I just remembered I wanted to clean the fan blades. UGH. Well, I guess the weekend isn't over just it?

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