Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bring on Spring!

This change in the weather has me PUMPED!

I have been so motivated the last couple of days! I've been cleaning, cooking, and making lists of things I want to get accomplished. We got outside and let the kids play...and Noah was wild! He was so mad when he had to come in for dinner!

Kendall got a kit to make gummy bugs for her birthday last year, and we found it in the pantry and decided to finish it up! She made some very interesting lemon gummies...check them out. She was so proud of them...and she thought it was just hilarious to "gross" me out by eating them in front of me. (Of course, I played right along!)

Noah has just been talking up a storm. He adds 5-10 words a day now. And you know what? I think he is going to be just as much of a talker as Kendall. Lord help me.

Here are a couple of pictures of Noah being busy this weekend. The first one is him riding his scooter (and badly needing a haircut!).And this one is of him, right after his haircut, riding his spring horse. When he gets on, he says "Go go GO!!!!" Doesn't he look ornery???? And let me tell you something else...I don't like this haircut. It's cute and everything, but my goodness, doesn't it make him look like a big boy? It makes me a bit sad...

And here's one last shot of my sweet little boy. Here, he is "counting" his money. He asks for his "Piggy" and then he opens it up, dumps out all of the change, and puts it back it again, one coin at a time. Aren't we proud...
And last but not least, Kendall, Queen of the Bubbles. There's nothing better at the end of a day outside than a nice warm bubble bath!

Hope you've enjoyed the photos.

Get out there and enjoy spring, everyone!

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