Sunday, March 25, 2007

Build A Bear...Wait! I mean BUNNY!

This weekend we were busy, busy, BUSY!!!!

On Saturday, Kendall's school had their Fine Arts Festival, in which all of the kindergarteners sang a few of their favorite songs and also had artwork on display. I didn't take pictures of that! Sorry! But I prefer video of those moments! I must say, we were really impressed with the artwork...not just Kendall's, of course, but the entire school district. There was some really great and creative stuff!

Then we came home and started to get ready for Jessie's graduation party. We had a really good turnout, and from what Jess says, everyone had a good time. And obviously I was slacking all around this weekend, because I don't have any pictures of the party either! Just too busy chasing Noah and socializing, I guess. So, congrats to Jess!!!

Well, if nothing else, I redeemed myself on Sunday. Kendall had 3 gift cards to Build-A-Bear, so we thought it would be the perfect time to go, since Grandma Cindy was here. Kendall was soooo excited. She picked out a soft bunny and decided to name her Daisy. They stuffed her, fluffed her, put a heart in her, and made Kendall follow along to a little chant to make sure the bunny would have all the best qualities. Then she was to put her hand on Daisy's heart, close her eyes, and make a wish before they sewed her up! Too cute.

Then it was off to give her a "bath", and take her to the "dressing room" to get all gussied up in the clothes that she and Grandma picked out. We headed over to print off her birth certificate, and then Grandma busted out the big news...

She was going to buy a silver pair of flipflops for Daisy...complete with rhinestones to match her sundress. OMG. Kendall was all smiles...ear to ear, baby! And let me tell you, the experience was priceless...the entire ride home she sat in the back of the van singing to Daisy, cuddling her, and making plans for the rest of the day. I'm so glad we did it finally!

Then after we got Barry and the kids home, I got a special treat! Mom suggested we go back in to town and do a little shopping...for ME!! I had some gift cards I've been needing to use at Old Navy, and we were in luck! I was able to find two pairs of capri pants and a shirt. And that is a miracle, because I can NEVER find pants that fit well! So anyway, a successful weekend all around! Hope yours was too!

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