Wednesday, April 25, 2007

3 Great Friends, 4 Great Days!

This past weekend was the best of the year so far...hands down.

Sarah was here in the States for 4 fun-filled days! Our little Cannuck has been gone far too long, and we were soooo happy to have her here! The kids headed to Grandma's house for the weekend, which they were none to unhappy about, and we headed out on the town. For a whole entire weekend, I got to just be one of the girls...not Mommy, not Jen the Massage Therapist. Just Jen, part of the Sarah-Jen-Sheri trifecta. It was so much fun!

We did all the girl, eating, drinking, laughing, beautifying, and most of all, TALKING. The talking did NOT stop through any of the aforementioned activites. And may I add that the eating and drinking made us talk even faster and about more random topics! I'm not sure you have ever heard 3 girls talk so fast and loud. Sarah holds the record though. Sometimes I find myself looking at her mouth when she's talking because I can't believe how fast it is moving and how clear her diction is at the same time. I get anxious because it seems like she won't ever take a breath and I'm worried she'll suffocate on all those words that obviously NEED to come out! You really must experience it to understand!

But we love her and miss her. And let me just say that the good ol' US of A is just not as much fun without her. Canada definitely got the best end of the bargain on that one. So, what is there to do but start planning our next get-together?

How's the airfare to Canada look these days?

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Sarah Macchi said...

I Finally checked your blog!!! If I knew you were saying such nice things about me I would have been checking long ago..he he he. It was a great weekend, and planning the next ASAP is a must. You girls are the BEST friends a girl could ask for...xo..Love Sarah.

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