Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Brand New Room!

The Bug is so exicted....

We finally bought her new bed and got her room all rearranged...decluttered and weeded out. It was a job, but totally worth it! We have a stack of stuffed animals to donate to SAFE and a small pile of toys to go to Grandma Cindy's house. (Won't she be thrilled!) We went through her baskets of books and weeded out all of the ones that she is much too old for and gave them to Noah...and he was totally pleased with that arrangement! That sweet little boy is really into his books lately. Books, puzzles, and cars...that's all he wants to play with!

Anyway, now Kendall's room is befitting of a six year old. We moved her bookshelf right beside her bed and put her reading lamp on it so she can sit in bed and read if she wants. That was a big selling point, let me tell ya! She really likes her room now, and so do I! Let's just see if she likes it enough to keep it clean...

My next project is to weed out my closet. That should be fun... NOT!

We are also on schedule to move Noah into the daybed and see how he does with that. We are dragging our feet a little, of course, because there is no going back once we start that! And I also have to start going through the kids' dressers and closets to get rid of outgrown things and replace them with new spring attire. Lots of fun around here! Wanna come and help????

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Rick said...

Ran across your site and wanted to say hello! We are from Ohio as well!

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