Monday, April 16, 2007

Wanted: The Cookie Bandit!

Yesterday I decided we had to make cookies.

Anything to put a positive spin on an otherwise yucky day.

We decided on good ol' chocolate chip. YUM! We whipped 'em up and I must say, they are VERY tasty!

So, we were in the basement cleaning up and I ran upstairs to check on Noah. As I came into the kitchen, all I could see over the bar was a little hand coming down from the rack where the cookies were cooling. I started laughing when I saw what was going on....

My little monkey had snuck into the kitchen and reached up to steal a cookie...but not without a plan! Oh no....he definitely had a plan.

He had taken one of the cookies lingering a little too close to the edge and pulled it down to take a bite. Not just any bite, mind you, but the tiniest bite you've ever seen. Then, he slyly put it right back up there. In fact, if I hadn't come in at just that particular moment, he would have gotten away scot-free! I am still in awe of the tiny little bite. He is a smart cookie, that one! (no pun intended!)

SO, needless to say, the Cookie Bandit has been caught. But he's so sweet that he probably won't have to serve his entire sentence!

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