Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In Denial...

I am in denial.

Last week we went from 80 and sunny to a high of 40 OVERNIGHT.

We have been having snow flurries on and off for days.

I am in denial that spring is being delayed. SO, in honor of my denial, here are some pictures from that beautiful week we had.

The first picture is of a nest Kendall found outside...we are assuming the eggs belong to a kildeer. She was so pleased with herself for having found it! I'm sure she'll be keeping an eye on it for little chicks.

These next two pics are of Kendall and Noah playing outside and loving it. Bary was laying grass seed and planting trees while I was on kid duty. We had so much fun. Kendall is totally into baseball right now, so we let her hit for a while...all while taking a break every so often to get Noah out of the chicken coop. He is obsessed with the chickens and their pen! He is also really into climbing the "rock" wall into the little treehouse. And check out his hat! We knew Grandpa Tom would dig that. And Noah thinks it is so cool... he's always looking for his hat!

On Saturday, Dad and Taffy and Luke came out to the house because we had plans for dinner at the Fish Market. See, my birthday was Saturday, Taffy's was Sunday, and Dad's 60th was Monday. So we had a bit of celebrating to do! Dinner was great, especially since we got three free desserts! And for the record, 3 desserts at the Fish Market is more than enough for 6 people! Afterward, we headed to Jessie's, and then out to our house. The last picture is at Jessie's.

Of course, Sunday, the Easter Bunny paid a visit to our house, but he had to hid the eggs inside, since it was so miserable outside. Uncle Luke was talkin' trash about how he was going to get more eggs than Kendall, but I think she had more! Other than that, we had a lazy Sunday. At some time or another, everyone laid down for a little catnap...AHHHHH.

What a great weekend. Food, fun, and family. It doesn't get much better, does it??

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