Monday, May 21, 2007

Celebrity Sighting!

See if you know who it is!

It's not the person on the right.
Put dark hair on her.
Picture her about 25 years younger, in a blue uniform with a white apron.
She dated Sam the butcher.

Know who it is yet?

It's Ann B. Davis...otherwise known as Alice from The Brady Bunch! Lookin' good for 81, don't ya think?

My friend Doug is the cruise director for a river barge cruise in Louisiana, and he was thrilled to find out that "Alice" was cruising his barge! He called me a week before to tell me she was coming, and then again today to tell me how awesome it was...and of course, he emailed me this picture. Doug also wanted to make it known that "Alice" told him that he was a "very, very nice man". HEEEHEEEE! That just cracks me up! Not that Doug isn't a nice guy, just that he was so excited about it!

So there you go, folks. Celebrity sighting right from your own home!

Thanks Doug!

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