Monday, May 07, 2007

Dumb Blondes

Ok, now I know that I really shouldn't be perpetuating the "dumb blonde" thing, being that I was a true blonde until I was almost 30...but this was too funny to pass up! And thanks to Brian, my acupuncturist and friend, for sharing!

Brian called me on Sunday to tell me that he had the funniest dumb blonde story ever. It seems that as he was leaving his office on Saturday, he stopped to get gas at the local BP. As he was pumping his gas, "a big, blonde, bimbo" (his words, not mine!) pulled up to fill up her tank. She got out, took off the nozzle, and then proceeded to try to feed a $20 bill into the receipt printer. And no, she didn't get the hint after the first couple of times...he estimates that she tried if at least 20 times, getting more pissed each time it didn't take her money. Then she got frustrated and stomped into the BP to complain to the cashier, while Brian discreetly got into his car and howled with laughter. I'm sure she felt like a complete idiot when the cashier explained that it was a receipt PRINTER, not an ATM!!!!

Have a laughter-filled day! ;-)

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