Saturday, May 05, 2007

Some thoughts...

Well, I really haven't had anything earth-shattering to write about lately, so I am just going to freestyle it tonight and share some random thoughts.

#1. Kendall has 2 wiggly teeth. The two top front ones...won't that be a sight when they fall out? And I think it's going to be soon - they're REALLY wiggly! Of course, she is mostly excited at the prospect of seeing what the tooth fairy will leave her. I'm sure it will be something good! ;-)

#2. My little monkey Noah has been sleeping so well! We've had quite a few nights of sweet slumber here lately, and it has been great. I feel so well rested, and have had plenty of energy throughout the day to get things done. Danniel even commented on Thursday that I had a sparkle back in my eyes (of course, he thought I was pregnant, because he hadn't seen that since I was preggers with Noah!). Needless to say, I've been visiting dreamland quite a bit lately!

#3. I've come to that place in my life where I realize that not every friend I have is necessarily a lifelong friend. People truly do come into your life for specific reasons and short amounts of time..and that's it. And it's OK! It's OK to not force a friendship that has fallen by the wayside. It has taken me a LONG time to get this, and sometimes it's still hard to let go. BUT, it's also hard to make all the effort and not feel like it's reciprocated, OR be on the other end and feel like you are keeping up pretenses just because you should! Along those same lines, I've found that there are also people I consider to be friends whom I don't spend a lot of time with...and that's ok too. It is what it is, as they say. And at the end of the day, you just have to do what feels right. Sometimes you do get to be a little selfish, especially when it's your precious little spare time...and you have to decide how to spend it.
Ya know what I mean?

#4. I'm going to see the new Cirque de Soleil show, Corteo! And best of all, I'm taking Miss Kendall. It's my Mother's Day gift, and I am so excited! I am never more entertained than when I am sitting in the audience of one of their shows. And I know this much for sure...Kendall is going to lose her mind when she sees it! If you haven't seen them, I highly suggest you do!!

#5. Barry and I are watching Southpark. I haven't see in it YEARS...and yet, it is still hilarious! This proves to me that I haven't grown up THAT much! I do wish Big Gay Al and his Big Gay Boat Ride would come on...that's my fave! "I'm Thuper! Thanks for athking! Don't you think I look great in this hat?"...

#6. I've been thinking a bit lately about working on my scrapbook...a LOT actually! So, I am going to have to keep my eyes open for an opportunity! I have quite a few nice pictures to use!

#7. Anyone else in need of a good pedicure and some sassy polish? ;-)

#8. Noah is such a sweetie. It is his mission every day to give me at least 100 kisses...and I love it. Even the slobbery, half-open-mouth ones. His smile is so pure, yet so devious. Love that little peanut!

#9. Is there anything better in the spring than sheets fresh off the clothesline? NO. On Wednesday and Friday I washed everything in this house...all the clothes, sheets, towels...all of it. And everything went on the line...Ahhhhhhhhhh....

#10. I'm looking for a good book to lose myself in. Anyone have any suggestions???

That's it folks. I've gotta focus on Southpark. The way Barry is giggling over here, I must be missing some things!!!


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