Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone! And welcome 2008!!!

We had an AWESOME New Year's Eve! We had a "PJ party" here at the house. Nothing big and fancy, just friends, kids, and lots of food (and crazy socks!!!)...but it was a really fun time! We had a great turn out. I think about 26 people...and I must say, even though there were a few "groups" of people who didn't know each other previously, there was a lot of mingling going on. The kids took over the basement and played like crazy...even got a little wild until Barry had the most excellent idea of putting up a tent! After that, it was pretty quiet down there, as they turned off the lights and played "campout"...flashlights, sleeping bags, the whole bit. It was great fun, let me tell you! We even had a good group of people make it until after midnight, which I thought was unbelieveable, considering Kendall was the oldest kid here, and we had one as young as 6 weeks. But those kids hung in there...and crashed out on the way home, I'm sure!

The food....ah, the food...it was AWESOME. We had hot wings, buffalo chicken dip, cheese balls of a couple varieties, meatballs, BBQ shrimp, chocolate-covered strawberries, taco dips & chips, veggies (gasp...I know!! But someone else brought them, so I'm off the hook!), cookies...all kinds of appetizers...and of course, beer, wine, punch, and champagne at midnight! It was D.I.V.I.N.E.!!!

After everyone left (except Ms. Kathy, who spent the night), we headed to bed around 2:00 am. But alas, we were up by 9:30 and making a big 'ol breakfast of oatmeal-banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage. We called the Huntingtons and told them brunch was being served at 10:30 if they were interested...and they were! So we filled our tummies yet again! Then the guys went out get Barry's deer all cut up and into the freezer while Deetra and I ran to "the evil Wal-Mart" for more Food Savr bags. The kids played the rest of the afternoon, and then we broke out all the leftovers from last night and filled out tummies AGAIN!!!!! Then Sheri came out to visit (and graze on party leftovers) and after she left I headed straight for a hot bath! Damn, did that feel good! I hadn't been out of my pj's all day! And then, as I was getting out of my bath, my favorite Canadian Sarah called for a New Year's chat. God, how I miss that girl!

So now Barry and I are sitting on the couch watching football...what a great holiday week! I am sad for it to end and for my regularly scheduled programming to begin...but then again, bring on 2008! I am not making a resolution...more like a personal goal. And that is to be a kinder, gentler version of me. I have been a little edgy, a lot snippy, and feeling frustrated and unsettled this year. I don't like it and I want it to change. Your life unfolds the way you see it, and I want mine to be stellar this year!!

Just look at all I am blessed with...a wonderful husband, 2 awesome kiddos, a dream of a house, boatloads of good friends, lots of great family who love us, good health, solid jobs, cars that run, food on the table...I mean seriously now, what in the hell do I have to be sullen about??? Nothing, I tell you. NOTHING! Come on, 2008...I'm ready for ya!!!


Kate said...

Looks like a fun time! I'm guessing you were behind the camera most of the time. And love your outlook for '08! We could all be a little nicer, a little gentler, and little more approachable. Wishing you all the best in '08.

Rick said...

Happy New Year!

Kuckie said...

Kate - My friend who was also snapping pics sent me a few so I added some just to prove I wasn't hiding from the camera!! All the best in '08 to you too!

Rick - Happy New Year!


glad u got the card have a good new year and stuff

jenelle said...

Wishing you a great new year. Glad to see that everyone came in their "appropriate" pj's ;)

Kiki said...

Kuckie, If you live in a "real" log cabin I am going to be totally jealous!!! In my dreams we buy property in the mountains of NC and build a log cabin!!! So awesome! Love your site, so glad you stopped by!!

Logziella said...

That sounds like so much fun! That's cool about the tent...what a hit!

I don't think 08 can stand a chance at being anything less that spectacular with an attitude/outlook like that!


countrymouse said...

Adorable kids, party sounds great--but it's that poppy photograph on the wall behind you that really caught my eye : ) You have *excellent* taste, darling!

Happy new year : )

California Girl said...

A PJ Party - how fun! Looks like a good time was had by all. Happy New Year to you!

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