Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

Meet Luke...aka my "baby" brother, who is turning 30 today! I can hardly believe that...and boy, does it make me feel old!

Luke has a sharp wit, but he flies under the radar with his dry humor. Sometimes I stop and wonder if I just heard him say some smart-ass comment under his breath as I walked away...and I'm sure there are many times that he said something and I DIDN'T hear it! And believe me, most of those times it's probably better if I didn't!!! LOL!!

The kids think Luke is just IT. He's always teasing Kendall, telling her things like "Wow, your van is magic! It drives itself!" (as he's driving with his knees)...or if she eats too much peanut butter her hair will turn brown. She begs him to tickle her and hangs all over him when he's around (which isn't very often, unfortunately, since he lives in Michigan)...poor guy. Noah just wants to hang with him 'cause he's cool.

Anyway, I figure it's late, he's probably had a few beers with his roommate, and now would probably be a great time to I'm off to do just that!!! Happy birthday, little brother! We love ya!


California Girl said...

He sounds like a great guy...and it also sounds like you've got a good relationship with him. How wonderful that is!

Reggie said...

That's what my sister calls me...little brother.

jenelle said...

The "cool" uncles make me laugh. It's seems that the single or non-parent uncle fills that role. Uncle Ben is that for my kids - a tattoo, motorcycle, soldier in Iraq, etc. They almost hit super-hero status.

Logziella said...

I SO wish my kiddos had an uncle like this in their lives! I think both Chuck's brother and my brother have forgotten our kids names!! Serious.

Your kids are truely blessed to have him~!

terri said...

What a guy. He sounds a lot like my brothers, who are also "cool" uncles!

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