Monday, January 07, 2008

This is it, Bucks!

Tonight is a BIG night. A VERY BIG night.

Our Ohio State Buckeyes are taking on LSU for the National Championship in New Orleans. Many of our friends will be at the game...lucky ducks!

Yes, we are the underdog...but that's just where we like to be. We have a lot to prove this year after the disastrous game this time last year (let us not even speak of such sadness here on this blog...). I know we are up to the challenge...we have to be!

Barry will come home and help me get the kiddos to bed and then he is heading off to Shawn and Deetra's to watch the game. I will be happy to sit here by myself, where I can multi-task while watching the game. You can get alot done during a 3 hour game! So, send a good-luck shout-out to the Bucks, will ya? That's right, I can hear it now.....O-H!! I-O!!!!

Go get 'em boys!!!!



Reggie said...

Good luck.

jenelle said...

I was thinking about you today as I'm getting things around for a BCS party tonight. Can't believe I'm rooting for Ohio State (hard to do if you live in MI). But I love LSU even less... What's a girl gonna do.

Enjoy your three hours.

Kuckie said...

Jenelle - I understand how you feel. We were cheering for Michigan like they were our team when they played've gotta do what you've gotta do. Lesser of two evils, you might say!!!! LOL!!

Kiki said...

Its true...LSU, ummm not a fan, but not sure about "rooting for Ohio" being the HUGE Notre Dame fan that I am. (I know, I know) I will hope the best team wins, go Ohio!!!

Geggie said...

Oh! Tough luck for Ohio. It was a super exciting game!

Geaux Tigers!!

(Yes, I went to LSU!)


so you are one of those football peeps huh

jenelle said...

So this is what happens when a Michigander roots for Ohio State... So after losing 2 years in a row - do you think the BCS would pick OSU a third time?

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