Friday, January 18, 2008

My new bedding

For Christmas, my Mom got Barry and I new bedding. It had been about 10 years since we had changed our bedding, and she bought that set for us back when we had just bought our first house! So anyway, she decided that it was time for a change. I'd been wanting a change too, but wasn't sure where I was going with my bedroom. Right now it is a deep red called Fine Wine, and I have a flax-colored carpet. But I was toying around with painting the walls a dark sage I was waiting to buy bedding until it just felt "right". But then Mom stepped in and said it was time to get new bedding and get this bedroom done. Aren't mothers the best??
We got on and I immediately found this set...which I really liked. She concurred (and she has FABULOUS taste, I might add), and ordered it immediately. We figured with this set I can change the paint OR leave it the same. She even ordered me the mocha sheets and a down blanket! So now, this is how it looks in my room(keep in mind, there are no window treatments yet, and I like things pretty simplistic)...
I'm annoyed with the throw seems we couldn't order the ones that went so nice in that first picture....bummer. But it will come together. It always does. So for now, I'll just keep fiddling around with the pillows and looking for some window treatments that feel right. I must say though, that my bedroom feels so cozy and warm in the evenings with just my bedside lamp on...I love it! Thanks're the best!!!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I see you went with the choclate brown dust ruffle after all. I wonder whose brillant idea THAT was?!? :)

jenelle said...

Looks great. It's amazing what new bedding will do for changing a room and the feeling it gives.

Kiki said...

It does look great, and very cozy! I love the log walls though, I think I am just jealous of your real log home, its just the coolest!!!

kc said...

Your room is so beautiful! I love the bedding, the log walls, and the rafters! It is georgeous.
I agree, it looks so cozy and inviting. Congratulations! (Mom's are so Great!) :)

CouponAlbum said...

Absolutely gorgeous bedding!! Love it's elegant look!! Your bedroom is looking superb!! Good taste!!

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