Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Things to check off the To-Do List after a productive day...

Clean kitchen - wipe down counters, clean off stovetop, unload and reload dishwasher, clean out fridge, wash the "hand-wash only" dishes, weed out needless piles of paper, sweep the floor... CHECK!!!

Food - make out weekly meal plan, grocery list, collect applicable coupons...CHECK!!

Bedrooms - make beds, collect laundry, get the kids to clean up their rooms...CHECK!!

Laundry - wash, hang, fold and put away 3 loads...CHECK!!

Friends - call and invite 2 friends and their kiddos over for lunch and playtime - a much needed break...CHECK!!!

Library - Return books and Kendall's summer reading list (Yes, she's already finished the entire program), pick up her prize...CHECK!!!

Bank - make a deposit, balance work account...CHECK!!

Swimming Lessons - CHECK!!!

Grocery - take both kids to the grocery after swimming...CHECK!!!

AND, Barry finished caulking and staining one whole side of the house tonight!!! WOO HOOO!! We're off to a great start! Now, if the rain will just hold off tomorrow so I can get the mowing done...


jenelle said...

Rock on - you are hitting close to super woman status. Able to leap laundry in a single bound...

Teresa said...

You're my hero...when I grow up...I want to be JUST LIKE YOU!! :)

Anonymous said...

You are SO motivated. How do you do all that with two young kiddos running around?

I was on a roll this morning... then I spent an hour on the phone with my sister and we concocted this plan to mesh her family tree research skills with my writing and the next thing I know I'm playing around online for hours designing a private blog for our family history stuff!

No wonder I can't get anything done!

Kuckie said...

Jenelle - and what a feat that is!!

Teresa - Yeah right, you little list-maker, you!!!

Terri - You know how it goes, Terri! You have to strike while the iron's hot! And I have a plan to get as much accomplished this weekend as possible while still having a bit of fun! And there's nothing wrong with getting lost in your computer once in a while!

kozgirl said...

OMG! Can I hire you? hehe ;)

Sky Girl said...

Wish I could get that much done! Good for you.

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