Wednesday, July 02, 2008

List of to Do's

I am feeling better! Thanks everyone, for your kind words. My acupuncture treatment went well, and the headache is gone. I made it through work yesterday with no problem! Since I haven't been very productive this week, I have a list a mile long of things to get done. UGH! But with it being a holiday weekend, and the fact that I am feeling better, we should make some progress! On Friday, some friends of ours over at the lake are having their annual 4th of July party, complete with boating and was so much fun last year, and we didn't even really know anyone. With that said, this year should be even better, since we've been quite the social butterflies! Then the rest of the weekend is ours...which is good. Our big project this summer is staining the entire exterior of the house, as well as the deck rails and posts, and the front porch. Sheri came out and helped me stain the front porch rails a few weeks ago...isn't she the greatest??? But alas, there is still much to be done! So anyway, all this week Barry has been going around the house tearing off trim and fascia to caulk the gaps where we have settling in preparation of the upcoming staining. He is also taking care of all the wasp, carpenter bee, and mud dauber nests. Fun, fun, fun! Oh, how I wish I had taken a picture of that sight...Barry up on his lift, a holster with caulk on his right hip, a holster with 27-foot wasp spray on his left. Maybe I'll get that pic for you tonight...LOL! Hopefully he'll be able to get that part of the job finished up before the weekend is over and we can start on the staining.

Of course, I also need to get caught up on all the laundry, everyday cleaning and organizing, and I am trying to get ready for the big garage sale on the 14th. I'm still sorting through stuff...then I just need to get it all priced and ready to go. What a job! But boy, will I be happy to have it gone! And happy to have that money in my pocket!!

I don't get Barry full time until Friday, but I don't have to work on Thursday, partly due to the fact that the economy is no good for my business right now, and partly due to the fact that Thursday is Red, White & Boom. For those of you not in the central Ohio area, Red, White & Boom is Columbus' big 4th of July celebration...AWESOME fireworks set to music, lots of good food, tons of's really fun! But we're not way, no how. Too many people down there to be hikin' our butts around with the wee ones. I would be a nervous wreck! It's always on TV, but what fun are fireworks on TV????? But I digress...back to the long to-do list! So anyway, I want to try to get the mowing done today, and possibly the laundry. That would really put me ahead of the game for the weekend. We have swim lessons tonight, so the evening is pretty much a wash. Then, if all goes well, I will have tomorrow to devote to garage-sale-preparedness. That would be SO COOL! And of course, on Friday, Barry will be here and we'll get some work done in the morning and afternoon and then head to the party around 4 or 5. Wow! Look how much I'll have accomplished before the weekend even starts!!

Yeah, you know what they say about best laid plans, right????? I'll bet you can't WAIT to hear how it actually all turns out...

Oh, and since there has been quite an interest in Brian and acupuncture in general, I am thinking of doing a post devoted to him complete with an interview. So send me any questions you have and I will get the answers for you! Seriously....ANY questions. Even the ones you don't want to ask in public. I promise I won't post who asked them! Sound good?


California Girl said...

That book - The To do List - is fun to read! The woman who wrote it also wrote quirkyalone which is a favorite of mine.

I hope you have fun at your Red White and Boom!

And I hope you're feeling much much better.

Miss Got Wings said...

i've been considering getting acupuncture for my allergies and migraines. thanks for reminding me - I need to check out the local alt. medicine clinics to get some prices.

terri said...

I think half the battle is putting together the to-do list. Good luck on accomplishing all you hope to get done.

Red, White and Boom sounds like our Taste of Minnesota. And we never go either. Too overwhelming.

kc said...

Your "to-do" list sounds like mine, very long! haha Unfortunatly I NEVER get everything marked off. Oh well, life is short, gotta have fun sometimes to. :)

Teresa said...

I am excited for the interview post. I don't have any specific questions per se...except "does it hurt?...if bad?". I guess I would just like to hear a general an How or Why does it work? I am such a newbee at this! LOL!!

Ah...a woman after my own heart!!!! I THRIVE on to do lists!! I wouldn't accomplish anything w/o them. Speaking of which...mine is calling my name right now!

Kuckie said...

CG - Feelin' good! I'll have to check out the book...thanks for the recommendation!

Kate - You go, girl!

Terri - Yeah, way too overwhelming! We used to go every year. And then we had more R,W, & B. It's just not fun!

KC - I agree! It's time for some fun!

T - I'll get you the info! But no, it doesn't hurt for the most part. Every once in a while, one of the points will be a bit tender, but the needles themselves don't hurt.

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