Monday, July 21, 2008


Boy, did we have a busy week! It was CRAZY! Kendall had zoo camp every day from 9-4, so we had to be up early and leave the house by 8:00. It made for a lot of driving and a hectic schedule, but she had a great time and learned a TON of information, so it was definitely worth it. We have never been disappointed with zoo camp. Like I've said before, we have the best zoo!!!

So anyway, by the time Friday got here, we were already whipped. But on Friday, Kendall got done at noon, so Noah and I just stayed and walked around, checking out his favorite animals and riding the carousel and the boat ride. For some reason, they weren't charging us for the rides, so we just kept riding! Noah was having a blast, but my goodness was it ever HOT!!! The humidity was unreal.
Noah snuggling with the Orangutan sculpture
Then he wanted to pick it's nose!!!Then we picked up Kendall and headed home, but not before stopping for ice cream!!! When we finally arrived home, we basically just switched vehicles and grabbed Scout, as we had to run him into town for a grooming appointment. The poor guy was just miserable in all this heat...he needed a haircut! By the time then kids and I finally got home, all we wanted to do was sit down and watch a movie.

Then Friday night was my Bunco night, so I had to get myself cleaned up and ready for an evening with the girls! This week we had a low turnout, so we decided not to play Bunco and to go out boating instead...and more tubing! I know, I know...what was I thinking? Well, I'll tell you..."Last time I paid the price, so it certainly won't be as bad this time! And it sure was FUN!!!!" That and the fact that I didn't have to work for almost a week...LOL!! Oh yeah, and Jodi got her 3-person tube fixed and she ASSURED me that I wouldn't get as beat up this time around. Here's me and Kirsten takin' a spin on the tube...While we ladies were off gettin' a little wild, Barry and Shawn took the kiddos out on their boat for some swimming and tubing. Kendall is all about tubing now. In fact, she considers herself a daredevil...and that is just too funny. If you knew her, you'd understand why! But anyway, they were out really late and had a rockin' good time.
Then on Saturday, we worked around here for the better part of the day...Noah and I mowed, Kendall cleaned her room, and Barry was hard at work staining and caulking. Then Shawn and Deetra called and invited us out on the boat, and how could we possibly refuse? I mean, it was 92 degrees, high humidity, and we had been working our butts off in the heat all day!!! So we ordered a pizza, picked it up and met them at the marina so we could head out. The kids were not all that interested in eating, they just wanted to swim. But the rest of us were Hun-gry!!! Then we let the kiddos do some tubing(in which Kendall was proving to be quite a show-off), and Shawn and Barry each did some wake-boarding, while Deetra and I were more than content to stay on the boat and chat. Deetra told Kendall that the next time she saw her out there show-boatin', she was going to try to throw her from the tube! Kendall just smiled and said, "OKAY!!" Sheesh. So needless to say, it was another late night on the lake!
Shawn & Shea tubing
Noah and Kendall. Don't you love Noah's pink life jacket?
Thanks to Shea for letting him borrow it!
Barry wakeboardingShawn wakeboarding
Sunday morning proved to be yet another beautiful morning with the promise of some serious heat. But we had already decided earlier in the weekend that this was the weekend Kendall would master her two-wheeler. So Barry took her over to the lodge, where there is lots of wide-open space to ride and got her started while Noah and I finished the mowing. Well, they were gone FOREVER, and Noah and I ran out of gas, so we loaded up the gas can and took off. Since the lodge is right around the corner from the gas station, we decided to go have a peek and make sure Kendall and Barry were still on speaking terms. Much to our surprise when we pulled up, Kendall was tooling around on her bike all by herself, just like she'd been doing it all her life! I think I may have peed my pants a little, I was so excited! Barry said she picked it up right away, he barely helped her at all... which is a good thing, because Kendall can work the nerves of even the most patient of men, I promise you that. She was so stinkin' proud of herself, and we were proud too!Noah wanted to ride his bike too!
So while all of this fun was happening the entire weekend, Noah was staying true to his goal of staying dry and not having any accidents. That's right folks, we're in big-boy underwear all the time now, except at night! Actually, he wakes up almost every morning dry too, but we'll see how that goes the next couple of weeks. I am so proud of him!! He doesn't even tell you he needs to go, just heads right into the bathroom and does it all himself. The only way you'd ever know is when you hear him flush the potty!

I can't believe how much was accomplished this weekend! Besides getting all of the mowing and weed-whacking done, and two sides of the house completely caulked, stained, and flashing installed, we got to go out on the lake twice, taught Kendall to ride her bike, and got Noah pretty much potty trained. What a weekend!!!!!

How was yours???


jenelle said...

That sounds like an amazing weekend with lots of accomplishments. Yeah Kendall and Noah. Think of all the money that you'll save on pull-ups/diapers! Can't wait to meet you guys this weekend!

Sky Girl said...

Your weekend sounds great! We were really lazy with ours. Isn't it great to have Noah in underwear? My little Ben has been in underwear for about a month, and about two weeks ago started to refuse to wear a pull-up at night. We've had a few bed accidents, but he's done well for the most part.

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Wow,looks like so much fun. I think it's funny that you were going to play bunco but went TUBING instead. THose are 2 entirely different activities! ha ha... I miss Bunco! Haven't played in a LONG time! But...tubing is pretty darn fun too! We have really enjoyed the lake this summer. It's just too dang hot to not be around some type of water! Thank GOD we have a pool! The pics of Noah's hair are ADORABLE!

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