Saturday, July 12, 2008

Honey Lavender Ice Cream

Last night, Sheri came out for dinner. We had decided that since it was such a beautiful day, we would throw some steaks on the grill. I decided to make a tomato and fresh mozzarella salad and some parmesan orzo to go with it, and then decided we needed something fun and refreshing for dessert. I have an entire cookbook dedicated to Ice Cream, so I stuck my nose in it and found just the ticket...Honey Lavender Ice Cream!

It was so easy...
Pick about 8 sprigs of Lavender, and separate the flowers into a small bowl
Get out your honey, corn starch, and eggs Measure 6 tbsp of honey, 4 egg yolks, and 2 tsp of cornstarch into a bowl, add a little milk, and whisk. In a heavy saucepan, bring the rest of the milk (a little less than 2 cups) to a boil.Add the lavender and the egg yolk mixture to the milk and cook very gently, stirring until it thickens. Keep's not the quickest thing ever!Pour the custard into a bowl, cover tightly with waxed paper pressed onto the surface of the custard,and refrigerate until very cold. Stir 2 c. whipping cream into the custard and pour the mixture into your ice cream maker. Churn it until it holds its shape, then scoop it out and serve! We thought it would be good with fresh blueberries...and it was!

***Sheri and I thought this ice cream was a little bland. The flavor was very mild. If you like a sweeter ice cream, you could add some sugar or some more honey to taste, or sprinkle it with something sweet! Of course, Barry thought it was perfect just the way it was!!***


MommyK said...

That looks yummy! Thanks for sharing.

Teresa said...

Wow...that sounds different but very yummy!! I would never have thought to put lavendar in ice cream but it sounds great!

Kuckie said...

Girls, it WAS good! Logzie, I know it sounds different, but the lavender really adds a little something special to it. Very light and refreshing!

kc said...

This looks Delish!!!!!

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