Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Little Noah for ya!

Noah and I made molasses cookies on Wednesday, and oh my, are they ever good! We just LOVE making cookies around here!! He was being so darn cute that I took a couple of videos so you can get a little Noah fix for the day. And yeah, I know his hair is super short...we went that morning for a haircut, and she really BUTCHED him!! But he's still cute!!


Jen said...

Okay you have a GREAT voice! You should be on the radio or TV or something!!!
And as for your little guy...I think he could totally do a commercial. He follows directions perfectaly and what a DOLL!!
Ps. you are sending me some cookies right?? :o)

Kuckie said...

Radio or TV, eh? Now THAT would be FUN! And I just might send you some, if I had your address!!!

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