Sunday, December 14, 2008

JK Original

This is a JK original...meaning I made it! A couple of years ago, I saw this at my favorite cross-stitch store and made it for myself because...well, I loved it! And the following year I made like 5 more and gave them away to some of my favorite people for Christmas. Isn't it cute? And anway, I'm all about saving trips... :)


terri said...

I love it! I think it goes well with my new mug from Kate which states "Naughty is the new nice."

California Girl said...

HeeHee - finally, something that describes my life! lol!

Happy Sunday to you!!!

Jen said...

That's adorable! And wow, I'm can cross-stitch! Is there anything you can't do? :o)

Kate said...

heeheehee - too cute!

Kuckie said...

Terri - Thanks, and I agree with you about the mug!

CG - Happy Sunday to you too!

Jen - Girl, cross-stitching is so easy. And no, there's nothing I can't do! HA HA HA HO HO HO....!!!

Teresa said...

Cross stitching is something I've never done before. I'd love to do it but alas...I don't have time for the hobbies I already have!

Hey, I just remembered those awesome spoons you made and showed on your blog a long time ago...I think I might make some this year...if I get time...those were awesome!!

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