Saturday, December 06, 2008

Wish List

Last year, I posted my wish list for Christmas, so I thought maybe I'd do the same this year...just in case Santa's reading? ;)

At the top of my list this year is a remote car starter. We didn't get to build our garage this summer, so I am still without. It really doesn't bother me except for the fact that I want all of the tools and "garagey" stuff out of my basement...and of course, I don't like it in the winter! A few years ago, when I was driving my Grand Prix, Barry got me a remote car starter for Christmas. I LOVED it. The car was all toasty and warm by the time I had to load the kiddos up. And even better, I rarely had to scrape my windows! But alas, we sold that car and the remote starter along with it. So, now I need one for my Accord! Santa...are you listening???Have you ever seen the Woodwick candles? My MIL got me one last year, and I thought it was so cool! They have wood wicks, and sound like a crackling fire when they burn. And they smell nice too!!!After hearing Jen and Teresa talk about how much they love the Ped Egg, I have decided I must have one. I can't wait to try it. Plus, my sister was looking for a $10 gift for her white elephant gift exchange with friends, and I told her about the Ped Egg! She said it was a HIT! It got stolen like 3 times!Of course, you know I love Yoga, right? Well, a couple of years ago I bought this book for Sheri for her birthday and have been coveting it ever since. An 8 week program of yoga by Rodney Yee...just what I need to get my butt motivated!
The best concert I ever attended was Harry Connick, Jr. in Dayton, Ohio. What a show! He is so damn hot! Not to mentioned talented and COOL. So, of course, because I NEVER buy CDs, I am asking for his two newest for Christmas!
This year I have been using a lot of fresh herbs when I cook. They make such a difference, but OMG, are they expensive! So I'm thinking some small potted herbs like basil, thyme, flat leaf parsley, and rosemary might be just the thing I need!And of course, what woman doesn't want just a little pampering for herself? I know I sure do!! If I got a gift certificate for a facial, I would pee my pants! My skin could use a little pick-me-up!Do you use cast iron skillets when you cook? If you've never tried them, you should! They are the best cookware I have ever used. I swear, if you treat them right, they are completely non-stick and the heat conduction is second to none! The only problem is that the handles get HOT. So, these little cheapies will hopefully find their way into my stocking!
If you enjoy cooking and do it a lot, a good knife is a must. Unfortunately, I have some really sucky knives. And I have 2 whole knife blocks worth! My dad tried sharpening them last year, but they are just I would really love a brand-spankin'-new Santoku knife to use for all my chopping needs!
Here's a little something I just added to my list this week. My MIL was looking for some ideas for me and I had seen these in the new Lands End catalog this week and decided I liked them. Comfy, cute, and I can wear them to work. Although I want them in the desert sand color, which isn't shown here, but you get the idea, right?
That's about it peeps. Oh, there are other things I could come up with of course, like a new food processor, or a 70-300 mm lens for my camera, or a Mickey Mouse waffle iron, or a scrapbooking retreat. But I didn't really ask for any of those things. I really just want to have a little downtime with my friends and family. Some simple gifts...some good food. A glass or two of good wine. Chocolate. A beautiful snowfall on Christmas Eve. Peace on earth.

You know...the things everyone wishes for.... :)


California Girl said...

What a great list...maybe Santa can drop by one or two or all of those things at my house too!

Miss Got Wings said...

Rodney Yee is the man, Our first Christmas T got me ALL yoga stuff and I was in heaven - meditation CD, yoga mat, power yoga DVDs, bricks, bolsters, Rodney Yee's book, etc. I still use them all to this day. If you are reading Santa, the gift of yoga is the gift that keeps on giving. Every woman should have the time and space to feel calm in her day, to feel whole. You can't go wrong w/ this gift Barry . . . . . I mean Santa.

Great list Kuck! I hope find some of these lovelies under your tree~

terri said...

I've never seen Woodwick candles but am constantly buying candles of some sort. Now I want one!

I'm also a big fan of Harry Connick Jr. He is just so.... original, unique, and defintely HOT and COOL! I have his Christmas CD in my car at the moment.

Teresa said...

Oh...great list!! I'm so glad you reminded me that I need to do one of these too!! Love those shoes!!

Kuckie said...

CG- Hope you get it all and more!

Kate - I LOVE Rodney Yee! I'm sure I'll be getting that book, and maybe a new DVD too!

Terri - Try the'll like them. Find them at Bed Bath & Beyond! And Harry? Mmmmmmm.....

Teresa - Love your list too, girl!

Kiki said...

Okay I want to steal your Woodwich candle thing and I think I may need a remote starter for the car for the opposite reason from you...cooling that bad boy off in summer...crucial!! Good list Kuckie!!! Hey are you thinking about another MB trip this summer??? Too early to think about it???? Okay, I'm hopeful!!

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