Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gold Teeth

Alright, now it really necessary to have GOLD teeth?

I just went in and sat on the couch with Barry for a minute. He was watching FOOTBALL. Yes, it's that time again! And on the TV is Barry's team, the sad, sad, BENGALS.

And they are interviewing a player named Chad Johnson.

Now, I am not disputing the fact that he may be a big deal. I don't know and I don't care. But let me just tell you that when he was talking, I could NOT stop LOOKING AT HIS TEETH! All of his front teeth were gold plated, or capped, or whatever. And I cannot, for the life of me, come up with one single good reason to do something like that. It was SO UGLY. And TRASHY. And just plain DUMB LOOKING, for lack of a better word.

Now, I know that I am maybe not up to speed on what is "in", or what is cool right now, but I'm feeling pretty confident that this is NOT it.

Seriously, now...what on earth would cause someone to think that looks good? I really need to know, because it is beyond my comprehension.

And the heavy metals that he has just introduced into his body???? (This is not a good thing, healthfully speaking, if you are not aware...)

Let's not even go there...... What a DUMB A**!!!

(Oh yeah, and Barry can NOT believe that I am actually blogging about this right now...but hey, whatever moves you! And this DID!)


Anonymous said...

people do alot of things just because they can afford it and can get by with it. By the way -- I do (in answer to the towel deal) wash my bathtowels and dishtowels separtly. I just can not do it any other way. Do you think I need a shrink?? How are the chickens doing?? When can you expect eggs?? enough questions already. it is 6:am and are looking for a great day. You have one too. love to all grandma

gypsyferret said...

Too, too funny. ^.~ I'll probably be stuck with that image in my head for days.


Anonymous said...

Well, the gold teeth are not actually "real" gold teeth. They are just temporary things you can wear to up your bling factor. In certian circles they are known as "grilles". If you think that is bad, I have heard that they are making them for dogs now. Anyhow, thanks for the pictures, and I'll see you later . Luke

Jen Kuck said...

Thanks, little Bro', for keeping me up to date on what they do in "certain circles"....when are you getting your grill? And a matching one for your dog??? :-)

Thank goodness I have someone around to explain these things to me!

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