Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just Another Day...

Not too much exciting is going on this week, I'm sorry to report! My van went in to have the bodywork done from when I hit that darned yellow pole, so of course, I'm happy about that. Of course, that also means that for the next week and a half I will be driving the car and Barry will be back to driving the truck. Talk about a gas-sucker! I am going to miss my Odyssey like crazy...but when I get her back, she will be all pretty again!

The Fair
The Ohio State Fair started yesterday, and Kendall is already asking every morning when we can go. She LOVES the big ferris wheel. For those of you who don't know, I HATE ferris wheels...but I am making an effort to conquer my fear in order to show Kendall that it can be done! And more importantly, that you SHOULD try to conquer your fears! So, I WILL ride that darn ferris wheel this year with a smile on my face...and fear in my heart! ;-)

Counting the Days
I am counting the days until Friday. My Mom has offered to take the kids for the weekend so I can get some deep cleaning and weeding-out done around this house. You know, the stuff you can never seem to get to when the family is all cleaning fan blades, mopping floors, dusting the log walls and woodwork, weeding out closets and storage spaces, and just general organizing. I have my list made, and it is LONG! But I am determined to get as much done as possible while the kids are out of the house. I have even tossed around the idea of throwing Barry out too....but I just may need him! So if you don't hear from me this weekend, and you usually do...just know that I am cleaning and weeding and laughing in an insane, evil laugh!

Talk to me after the weekend...I'll be feeling so much better. Free and easy, and clutter free! How I love to be organized!

I hate the news. (Sorry Missy...except for your show, of course!) The big teaser for the 11:00 news last night was the "new" fat vaccine. UGH. That's America for ya. Nothing else of any importance going on...the most riveting thing out there is our obsession with being thin, and finding the easiest way to accomplish it. I have never heard of anything so ridiculous...I couldn't even watch it just to make fun of it! How about we just stop stuffing our faces....maybe exercise a little? Or hey, maybe even eat veggies and protein instead of a bunch of crappy processed foods? Nah, that would take too much effort. Let's just go "vaccinate" ourselves instead. I can't WAIT to see what the side effects are for this little "MIRACLE"!

Christmas Shopping in August
I have officially commenced the yearly Christmas shopping extravaganza. I bought my first two gifts yesterday, and it feels good to say that I have two people done already! I figure if I stay on top of things and am able to pick up a couple of things every other week or so, things will go along quite smoothly and won't impact my checkbook quite so much in December! And believe me, that will be a GOOD thing. I hate the stress of shopping in December. I like to be finished by December 1. Let's just see if I can make it happen! I already have ideas for two more people! GO JEN!

The Garden
My garden is bumming me out a bit. I am not sure what the problem is. Last year we had cucumbers like mad. I was picking 30 in one day! This year, there are hardly any out there, and they are not green...and don't get green. They just get bigger and bigger and stay a pale green/yellow. I am going to taste one today to see if they are any good.

The zucchini look good. I am getting plenty of that. But when Kendall's friend Adam was over last week, Barry took them out to the garden to pick the veggies adn Adam accidentally pulled one of my plants right out of the ground trying to get a zucchini off. UGH. Oh well. There are plenty of others out there. It seems like they are slowing down a little though...

Our first batch of lettuce was really good. We planted romaine and buttercrunch. But after the first cutting, it never came back well. And the broccoli bolted...I didn't think it was ready to pick, but I guess it was! So, we mowed both of those down...

The tomatoes are doing well, and they taste sooo good! I have quite a few on my counter, so I think I will be making some salsa or something yummy very soon. But some questionable beetles have moved in on my Lemon Boy plants, so I may need to keep an eye on that.

And last but not least, my pumpkin plants have withered up and died. Not sure what the problem is there either. Barry and I are investigating....what a pisser! I was really looking forward to giant pumpkins!

Missing the beach
Every year at this time, we are preparing for the beach. We go with a group of our friends, get a big beach house and relax, play with the kids and eat yummy food for a whole week. I LOVE IT. I love being in close quarters with my some of my favorite friends. I love that our kids play well together. Heck, I love that WE play well together! You know, it really does take a special group of people to live in one house and get along so well for a whole week...and even have fun! But we do. And this is why I live for the week at the beach.

UNFORTUNATELY, we are not going this year. I thought I would be ok with it, but I am starting to get bummed now that it is August. We just couldn't get it pulled together. No one could commit, the weeks just weren't working out, in short, it just wasn't meant to be this year. I am holding my breath for next year. The beach is my respite. It is the time of the year where my friends are my focus. In this point of our lives where we are so busy with kids and life in general, it is a week where we can reconnect and really enjoy each other. I look forward to seeing them so much. There is no other vacation like it! Friends, food and fun....and that's it. So, Sheri, Sarah, Torben, Jon, Missy, Connor, Alicia, Chad, Ethan, Ansley, Chad, Beth, Riley.....I'm putting you on notice! I miss you all...and our time at the beach! Let's get it on the calendar for next year!

Have a good day folks!

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