Saturday, October 27, 2007

Christmas Goodies!

Ok, so I'm going to participate in Logzie's little challenge...posting my Christmas Wish List! And, like some other bloggers, I am dreaming a bit with some of these, but that's's all in good fun! So here we go!

Fairytale Brownies...the best brownies in all of Fairyland! Yum, Yum, YUMMMMMM!!!

Stainless steel measuring cups. I have 2 plastic sets, and they just don't get it done. Plus, I lost all of my 1/4 c. cups. I really want a set of these! Oooooo, they're so shiny!

We LOVE The Office around here...even Kendall does! We don't watch much TV, but this is a must-see for us every week. I already have Seasons 1 & 2, so it only makes sense to want Season 3!!!

A totally awesome new hot tub for my totally awesome new deck! Hot tub party, anyone???

I love photography, but have never really taken the time to learn any real techniques. I would love to have the time to take a photography class!

The massage therapist needs a massage...
Enough said!

You can't go wrong with a gift card to Whole Foods...I LOVE that store! I could spend hours in there ( and a ridiculous amount of money!) I would also like to take one of their cooking classes...Fun, Fun, FUN!

And this is my fave this year...a juicer. I am very interested in juicing, and I think the kiddos would love it. Sheri is a "juicer", and she has made me some tasty little concoctions that are so good for you!

So Barry, if you're reading...take note!

A cast-iron skillet...I wanted one last year, but didn't get it! So, I"ll try again this year!

Wow! I didn't realize that I wanted so many things! I usually feel like I don't need anything and certainly don't want more "stuff" crowding my house. But, hey...once I got going, it was kind of fun! So if you're reading this and haven't done it already, I'll be looking forward to seeing your Christmas list soon!


Logziella said...

Everytime I read someone else's list...I think of more stuff I want as well. Ha!

Great list! Love the Hot Tub! Thanks for playing!

jenelle said...

A photography class would be great to learn the basics, but if you are lacking time or resources to do that you can find lots of great articles online or books in the local library to get you thinking about composition of your pictures and lighting basics.

What all would you juice? I'm curious...

Anonymous said...

I call dibs on the hot tub...I'll send you one from Canada...they make 'em real hot here. Love ya and miss you guys!!!

Love Torben and Sarah.

Kuckie said...

Send away, my dear friend. I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new hot tub!!!! Love you guys!

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