Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It is raining here in Ohio, and we are so happy! The pond desperately needs rain before the winter freeze... it's down at least 2-3 feet...and we don't want our fish to die this winter!

Too bad I am working today, or I just might hole up with my yoga pants on and a soft, fleece blanket wrapped around me, watching mindless tv and snacking. I just might make a big pot of soup and organize my cupboards and cabinets. I might even get crazy and take a nap. Maybe after my nap I would sit down and scrapbook. Then, after I pick Kendall up from school we could make some yummy cookies to surprise Noah and Barry with when they get home. After dinner we could all sit down and play on the floor together, eating freshly baked cookies and drinking milk. Barry and I could get the kids into bed and then sit under my soft blanket, snuggling and watching a movie.

But alas, that is all just imagination not to be realized.

Because I have to work.


Logziella said...

Oh boy does that sound NICE!!!

Hammer said...

Nice thought. Those are some of the best days off.

Flyinfox_SATX said...


Right now you can probably bottle the water in your pond and sell it to Atlanta for a rediculous amount of money. Then use the proceeds to quit your job and have the wonderful day you described every day until long after your kids are off to college.



I hate work. I am thinking of early retirement... say at age 25

countrymouse said...

mmmmmm, yummy imagination : )

Rick said...

Nice fantasy!

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