Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Give me the truth, or I'll hang you by your toes!

Sorry I've been a little lackadaisical on the posting here lately. Things have been hectic, and I haven't had much time to sit down and blog. So tonight I am going to try to get caught up by doing a few posts about different things that have gone on around here lately.

A few days ago, we put Noah down for his nap. This has been quite interesting as of late, simply because the little booger has decided he really doesn't need to nap anymore. You know, he's two and everything, and much too mature for napping. So when you put him to bed, he lays in there and plays and talks, sometimes for as long as 2 hours! Of course, this would still be ok, if he could make it through the evening without having a meltdown because he's so tired he can barely function. So let's just say that we are kind of having a standoff about the naps. Mama knows best, as they say!

Ah, I digress. So we put him down for his nap the other day and he laid back there, talking and playing for about 45 minutes. Then we heard him yelling. It kept going on and on, but not the kind of yelling that means something is wrong, just yelling like he yells at his sister. So I wander back there to check out what's going on, and this is the face I am greeted with:Yeah...that's the kind of face that makes you wonder what the heck he was up to, right?
Well, here's the next thing I notice:

What the heck was going on here? I'm not sure, but it looks like he was trying to get the truth out of somebody! Chinese Torture Chamber, or what? And can you believe he stripped the Cabbage Patch doll? Like I said, not too sure what this was about, but it did make me laugh. That kid is somethin' else, I tell ya. What on earth is he going to come up with next? I'm almost afraid to ask!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I laughed for a couple of minutes over this one!!! I guess I'll sleep with one eye open on the next sleepover!!!

Ms. Kathy

Logziella said...

That is HILARIOUS!! What a little cutie pie!! I bet he is a ton of fun to have around!! :0)

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